Alabama 2nd in Nation in Religiosity

Sign: Go to Church or the Devil Will Get You

Sign seen from I-65 north of Montgomery

Alabama is second to Mississippi in the nation in the percentage of residents who say that religion is very important in their lives (74%) according to the Pew Research Center (though the state is fifth in the percentage of residents who say they attend religious services at least once a week at 52%).

How should public policy be affected by having such a religious populace, if at all?

How is public policy affected by having such a religious populace, if at all?

25 comments to Alabama 2nd in Nation in Religiosity

  • John Killian

    While I am glad to know that faith plays a role in the lives of Alabamians, I do have to add that I cannot stand the sign in the picture “Go to Church or the Devil will get you!”
    Some people go to Church and the Devil still has them!
    Ephesians explains that we are saved by grace through faith, not saved by church attendance

  • Jay Croft

    Amen, John~

    And that sign is disturbingly close to the Confederate flag which towers over I-65. What a sight for out-of-state visitors!

  • josh

    I don’t know who pays for the sign or what their intent is, but growing up with it and seeing it always there, I always found it more humorous than anything. Sort of like halloween. I will be sad if it ever goes.

  • different anonymous

    I’m pretty sure that sign was put up by a now-deceased roadbuilder. Can’t remember the name. Not sure about his political leanings but Phil Rawls at AP did a story on him back in 2006 because he contributed to Lucy Baxley’s campaign for governor.

  • John Killian

    I have watched his political signs through the years. Was FOB in ’94, Siegelman ’98, Riley in ’02, and then Lucy in ’06.

  • jd

    God says “what you do to the least of these, you do unto me.” Matt: 25:40

    So religiousity means nothing without actions to back it up. As we look at what is being done to the least of Alabama’s citizens, we see that people carry religion around like a valued credit card, but have no real moral compass as demostrated by their works.

    Then again, maybe that’s why a lot of conservatives favor the old testament!

  • Proud AEA member

    The late W.S. Newell put the sign up. He was an original Wallace crony. He built the part of I-65 where the sign is located.

  • Carolyn

    jd – my concern for the poor is demonstrated by my prayers, actions and charitable giving – not by my support for an overblown government bureaucracy.

  • jd

    government of the people, FOR the people and by the people… Not for the well off and no body else. Keep praying folks. Prayer works!

  • Carolyn

    You miss my point. More government is not the answer for any people regardless of wealth. Coerced compassion is no compassion at all -

  • jd

    I beleive the point is government has a role to play in the lives of its citizens. True compassion speaks to providing for those who are in need. Conservative compassion speaks to giving you a some love and saying get back up on your feet brother – I pray you make it.

    Our systems are or should be in place in this country to support its people – that’s why we pay taxes, ssi, social security, medicare, etc. So when the need arises or our time comes to retire, we have measures in place to assist.

    Help over and above this is individual compassion and is needed as well.

  • Roy

    … and No Compassion is not only No Compassion, but the least among us get sacrificed in the process. Progressives believe that we collectively and individually owe a responsibility to care for those who cannot fend for themselves. Prayer certainly has its place, but is no substitute for a hot meal for a child who would otherwise go hungry. The unfortunate truth is that if government doesn’t assume that responsibility, it will simply not get done.

  • anonymous


    You should look at what the churches do on a daily basis to help the needy and the down-trodden. It is truly amazing how much gets done wothout the government involved.

  • Polidem

    The problem as I see it is that some politicians make themselves such targets because they preach one thing about their faith and their beliefs and their actions…and then turn around and do another thing which has no basis on what is right. Even politicians can’t hide behind Bible verses!!! Or maybe that should be “especially”!! Some people try to hide behind their Christianity and it just doesn’t work that way!! Actions speak louder than words!!

  • princeliberty

    Sadly, Alabama is far more religious than it is Christian.

  • MtgyAU

    Roy & JD:

    Conservatives want the same things, we just think there’s a different, better way to do it than funneling the money through a central government. Not wanting Big Brother to do it all is not the same as not wanting it done.

  • Carolyn, as usual, you are right. JD, prince liberty, Roy: as usual, you guys are wrong. It is interesting to note how all studies show conservervatives give much more to charity than libs. I guess that shows who is doing the talking, and who is doing the walking.

    Here’s what the New York Times says “Liberals show tremendous compassion in pushing for generous government spending to help the neediest people at home and abroad. Yet when it comes to individual contributions to charitable causes, liberals are cheapskates.

    “Arthur Brooks, the author of a book on donors to charity, “Who Really Cares,” cites data that households headed by conservatives give 30 percent more to charity than households headed by liberals. A study by Google found an even greater disproportion: average annual contributions reported by conservatives were almost double those of liberals.

    “Other research has reached similar conclusions.”

    Liberals think compassion is taking someone else’s money by force and then wasting it on programs that accomplish absolutely nothing to help anyone–but Oh, don’t we all FEEL so much better!

    Familes, churches and charities do so much more good for people than government could ever do. We have spend billions (maybe trillions) on the war on poverty and what have we to show for it. Absolutely nothing!

  • Lee

    we sure are a self serving corrupt banana republic to be so ‘religious’… from siegelman to mcgregor to scrushy to blount, country crossings to Langford, colonial. What hath God wrought?

  • Jim Gundlach

    The strongest predictor of religiosity is life expectancy. As life expectancy increases religiosity declines. While the United States is fiftieth on the UN’s ranking of nations, Alabama’s life expectancy would put it nearly 100th on the list of nations if Alabama were a nation. Conservative Republicans be proud,we even fall below China. And our governor is a millionaire doctor.

  • Carolyn

    Y’all know our country wasn’t founded in 1965, or even 1933 right?

  • Happy Easter! The GOP in Alabama thinks any religion aside from Christianity and Mormonism don’t exist. And they only support Mormons because of Mo Brooks. Jews and Muslims need not apply to the ALGOP. How many GOP Jews are there in elective office? Also, Christ is Risen. Let us give thanks to God.

  • Carolyn

    Congratulations Brian. I cannot even think of a dignified response to that post.

  • princeliberty


    Good Grief, name on time when Jews or Muslims were done wrong by the Alabama GOP?

  • Interesting that Mississippi is #1 in belief in God as well. Few have ever read Mississippi’s outdated (1890) Constitution, but a provision in it states that no one who denies the existence of a Supreme Being can serve in an elected position.

  • Dom

    Me and my girlfriend use that sign as a landmark when we’re are traveling back and forth on 65.

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