Daily Headlines, Monday, 1/31/2011

Coffee cup Montgomery AdvertiserHistorian: State capital moved often in early days

Montgomery AdvertiserAlabama college tuition program millions in red

Montgomery AdvertiserDems name Mark Kennedy as new state party chairman

Montgomery AdvertiserAG: Civil-rights era cold cases a high priority

Montgomery AdvertiserTurning point for MPS? Parents, officials debate rezoning/closure plans

Montgomery AdvertiserPike Road leaders take wait-and-see approach to MPS plan for schools

Montgomery AdvertiserUS, world food costs on the rise

Montgomery AdvertiserMunicipal bonds can be risky investments

Montgomery AdvertiserAdvertiser editorial: Assess Georgia water offers carefully

Huntsville TimesGov. Robert Bentley calls meeting of Alabama A&M trustees to discuss issues with SACS

Huntsville TimesHuntsville area’s retail vacancy rate drops for second year

Huntsville TimesViolence in Egyptian revolution painful for native to watch from Huntsville

Huntsville Times45 years ago, state’s coldest day was in New Market; almost 100 degrees cooler than Saturday’s spring-like weather

Huntsville TimesEDITORIAL: Gov. Bentley’s cabinet has diverse makeup


Huntsville TimesRICKY THOMASON: Passing the buck on public school woes

Birmingham NewsAlabama wage tax refund compromise stirs opposition

Birmingham NewsBirmingham Mayor William Bell sets sights on transit, light rail

Birmingham NewsJudge postpones bond hearing for Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley

Birmingham NewsAlabama Legislature unlikely to create a new job tax for Jefferson County

Birmingham NewsBirmingham banks’ safety ratings improved

Birmingham NewsHouse Ethics Committee Chairman Jo Bonner says political realities keep OCE operating

Birmingham NewsShelby County will be at forefront of challenge to Voting Rights Act

Press-RegisterKatrina Cut on Dauphin Island closed with giant heap of rock

Press-RegisterPoint in Time count finds little increase in Mobile, Baldwin county homelessness

Press-RegisterEditorial: Stuck in left field

Press-RegisterInsight: A look at ‘Big Jim’ Folsom and ‘Doc’ Bentley

Press-RegisterInsight: Pushing for a full recovery in south Mobile County

Press-RegisterInsight: ‘Integrated’ special-ed plans fail to help the most vulnerable

Press-RegisterEditorial: Reason over rhetoric in oil drilling

Tuscaloosa NewsReturning soldiers use hunting to regain normalcy

Tuscaloosa NewsNew DOT director: Funds will be needed

Tuscaloosa NewsEDITORIAL: Death penalties under review after drug ban

Tuscaloosa NewsEDITORIAL: 112th Congress can learn a lot from Alabama

Florence TimesDailySurvey: 84 percent plan to look for new work this year

Florence TimesDailyCity inmate dies in jail

Florence TimesDailyGroup: Redevelopment threatens tree research

Anniston StarGo ahead and lead: New Legislature must be brave

Anniston StarEndangered, for now: Protect the Alabama Coast

Anniston StarLeadership for hard times: The Southern states still struggle to carry out Roosevelt’s vision

Decatur Daily Playground adds to Jack Allen appeal

Decatur Daily Economy shows signs of growth

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  • Pookie

    Good Morning, Danny & WALTM…

    –You Have Never Seen A Presidential Ad Like This One–

    Courage to Stand

    Movie trailer-esque video for former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty [R] as it crescendos with patriotic bravado and pulls at the heartstrings. No matter your political beliefs, if you aren’t at least moved in some way by this commercial then you are beyond jaded and there isn’t much hope for you.

    The ad, which promotes Pawlenty’s book and is a prelude to his Presidential bid, is the best political ad I’ve seen. Detractors will dub the ad bombastic, over the top sensationalism but I ask you this; isn’t that the point of any good political campaign? To get us all to rally around a person who we believe can do what it takes to lead this country? A well-oiled ad campaign, and he’s now on our radar. And in a very favorable light. Pawlenty/Rubio?

    Press-RegisterInsight:‘Integrated’ special-ed plans fail to help the most vulnerable

    “We issue students with Individualized Education Plans [known as IEPs] the same textbooks that others have; we teach them the same material; we give them the same tests. We take the “individual” out of the equation.

    And our interpretation of special education law has again narrowed to the point that many special-needs children are being deprived of the very thing No Child Left Behind was instituted to safeguard: an appropriate education.

    Children do not pass tests when they read on a second-grade level and are tested on a fourth-grade level. They do not pass tests that require them to multiply and divide, when they cannot tell you that 8 comes after 7 without consulting a number chart.

    Besides depriving the children of an appropriate education, we are depriving them of dignity. They take the tests; they fail the tests. They tell themselves that they are failures, and the quarterly scores verify that that is true.

    We push these children every day to understand concepts far beyond their skill and developmental levels, and every day their frustration builds.”

    I say that the system is the failure. Any system is broken that requires students with one leg to compete in the 50-yard dash against students with two legs, and then holds their coaches accountable when they can’t make it across the finish line in acceptable time.”

    –The Smallest Minority–

    Just one more reason why nothing much changes and nothing changes very fast in public schools. People simply don’t have the time or the resources to make schools do their jobs. The laws largely protect them from being responsible for doing their jobs. Tenure effectively protects educators from losing their jobs in all but a few narrow and special circumstances, so they can’t be fired for not doing their jobs.

    This is just one more reason why we need schools for The 21st Century Student, where problems can be fixed system-wide once and they stay fixed. The same battles don’t have to be fought over and over again with each new generation of students.

    “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” –Ayn Rand


Legislative Dispatch

A Look from the Rearview Mirror

This Thursday will mark the last day of the legislative Session.  For some, it was a Session that seemed would never end.  For others, it was one that ended much too quickly.  It may be early, yet, to write an obit on this Session, but as we approach the finish line, some perspective may be in order.


Putting Students First

As you know, a very important piece of legislation will be presented for our consideration in the House tomorrow in Montgomery – Senate Bill 310 – the “Students First” tenure and fair dismissal reform bill. Like me, many House members have been inundated with phone calls and emails from opponents of this bill, and some have been [...]

Legislative Transparency

There are a lot of issues to debate before we begin the final days of this session. In fact, I am quite certain there will be some comments on this post debating many of them. Before we get into the last seven day of the session I wanted to bring up a topic that [...]

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