Political Parlor Readers Among Most Accurate Prognosticators

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Anzalone-Liszt Research held a “Beat the Pollsters” contest for contestants competing for a $1000 prize by picking who was going to win in a selection of Senate, Gubernatorial, and House races across the country.

Turns out that Political Parlor readers are among their most accurate election prognosticators. From this morning’s newsletter from Anzalone-Liszt [...]

Your Questions Answered about the Special Session

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Sen. Cam Ward (R – Alabaster) and Sen. Bryan Taylor (R – Prattville) have agreed to field questions from Political Parlor readers about the upcoming special session and its legislation. Do you have a question about why an issue has been taken up? Perhaps you wonder why one particular detail was included or another [...]

The Best Way for Good Teams to Win Close Games

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It’s Friday, the SEC Championship game is tomorrow, football talk is in the air, and time for me to unburden myself of something that has bugged me for a week. Time for Friday fun.

Birmingham News reporter Kevin Scarbinsky wrote in Sunday’s News:

As good as he is, as much as he’s done, Saban still has to prove he can win a great majority of his games when he doesn’t have a decided edge in talent.

This season, in games decided by a touchdown or less, Alabama is 1-2. During his four years in Tuscaloosa, that record is 10-8.

Now look at Gene Chizik’s Auburn record under the same parameters. This year, the Tigers are 6-0 in close games. In Chizik’s two years, they’re 8-3.

This was a small part of a larger article, but someone at the News made it a bigger deal by putting a teaser on the front page above Sunday’s masthead, “In close games, Saban only average.”

Folks, it just doesn’t follow that great teams will necessarily have great records in close games. When really good teams win games, they tend to win by bigger margins – because they are really good teams. When really good teams lose games, they tend to lose by smaller margins. Very good teams tend to have good won-loss records, but their records in close games tend to be not as good.

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Small town political gazette – 12/3/10

Alexander City Outlook - 900 locals affected by PACT setback

The Cleburne NewsJudge takes case between water works boards under advisement

Cullman Times - New legislators take look at CCCDC

Dothan Eagle - Carver Magnet fills for Yes We Can! education summit

Moulton AdvertiserLack of [...]

Daily Headlines, Friday, 12/3/2010

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Montgomery AdvertiserState trooper reflects on his 30 years with DPS

Montgomery AdvertiserDPS has made great strides since 1935

Montgomery AdvertiserSpill may lead to new agency

Montgomery AdvertiserRiley says raise repeal should wait

Montgomery AdvertiserConsultant: [...]

Legislative Dispatch

A Look from the Rearview Mirror

This Thursday will mark the last day of the legislative Session.  For some, it was a Session that seemed would never end.  For others, it was one that ended much too quickly.  It may be early, yet, to write an obit on this Session, but as we approach the finish line, some perspective may be in order.


Putting Students First

As you know, a very important piece of legislation will be presented for our consideration in the House tomorrow in Montgomery – Senate Bill 310 – the “Students First” tenure and fair dismissal reform bill. Like me, many House members have been inundated with phone calls and emails from opponents of this bill, and some have been [...]

Legislative Transparency

There are a lot of issues to debate before we begin the final days of this session. In fact, I am quite certain there will be some comments on this post debating many of them. Before we get into the last seven day of the session I wanted to bring up a topic that [...]

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