Bachus Faces Blowback on Palin Remark

U.S. Congressman Spencer Bachus picks up criticism from the right after saying that Sarah Palin cost Republicans the U.S. Senate.

Associated Press reported that Bachus spokesman Tim Johnson said the remarks were taken out of context though I can’t quite figure how any other context mitigates his comments.

Might it cost Bachus the chairmanship of the House Committee on Financial Services? Once considered a leading candidate for the role, he now has a challenger in Californian Ed Royce who is backed by – of course – Sarah Palin.

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54 comments to Bachus Faces Blowback on Palin Remark

  • Carolyn

    I wasn’t commenting on the future of the GOP, but only on the disparaging and degrading remarks of the previous post.

  • Takenoprisoners

    Well looky here, “Androgynous” has something to say, not very important or worth much, but something. Once again he pivots to his less than thorough education and purports to be an expert on Socialism. It would be beneath me to waste time educating the slow and dim so I won’t. However, if hooker Palin or the ghost of Ronnie “Jellybean eater” Reagan tell you, read a book for once in your life and maybe you might just might learn something about socio/economic/political systems.

    I know those are big words but if you sound them out phonetically you should be ok. Take it slow big guy

  • Anonymous

    Sleepwithprisoners, I thought you might have more intellectual firepower than this…well, no, actually, I didn’t. You’re a Leftist so I don’t really expect you to be able to do much more than feed yourself with a spoon and tie your own shoelaces…on your “good” days.

    Any ol’ Carver grad like me knows what Capitalism is and what Socialism is. Capitalism potentially rewards individual initiative, risk and effort. Socialism, such as you support, rewards indolence, ignorance and the slave masters who exploit the smarts and labor of the producers.

    Obama has never had a real job. He only seeks power and his own comforts. You are either an unwitting pawn or a very willing sycophant to stand in such staunch defense of his policies. Either way, you bring dishonor to humanity and discredit to your family.

    Now, run along and play with your inmates. And might I suggest sticking with playing tic-tac-toe online. You’re sure to find it more rewarding than trying to talk with the adults at the grown-ups table.

  • Takenoprisoners

    Ahh, the response of the mentally challenged. No simpleton, Socialism is a system that balances natural market forces with limited government ownership of core sectors to balance an economy overall. There is a systematic integration that keeps the system from overheating in one diresction or another and it is able to adjust as needed unlike unbridled capitalism or Marxism.

    You understand nothing and just breathe……

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