Mitt Romney Endorses 24 Alabama Candidates, But...

Mitt Romney announced in a release [.pdf] that he has endorsed and contributed to 24 Republicans in Alabama this fall, including Kay Ivey, Richard Shelby, Luther Strange, Young Boozer, John McMillan, all seven Republicans running for the U.S. House, four running for state Senate, seven candidates for state House, and even a candidate for the Montgomery County Board of Education.

But not the head of the ticket Robert Bentley.

See the whole list here in a .pdf file.

Update: Bentley declines Romney endorsement.

23 comments to Mitt Romney Endorses 24 Alabama Candidates, But…

  • SamfordDem

    What a joke. Romney might just be the least popular major Republican figure in the state of Alabama. This is the problem with all these GOP establishment folks. They don’t understand that people really don’t care what Mitt Romney thinks about anything.

  • anon

    This just proves that Bentley has some sense. What politician running in Alabama would want Romney’s endorsement. He is very unpopular here and didn’t they learn from Byrne that these establishment endorsements don’t help you, they only hurt you. At least Bentley figured it out.

  • Anonymous

    Another northeastern state elitist no one gives a rip about.

  • I think it has less to do with Bentley and more to do with Huckabee. Governor Dr. Bentley will only be able to endorse one presidential candidate, and Romney will want his favor paid back. Of course I think that means Romney is banking on Huckabee running again, which I find highly doubtful. Such a statement means much more nationally to me than locally.

  • Daddy-O

    Romney would endorse Luther Strange, makes perfect sense. Massachusetts is a whole lot closer to Washington, D.C. than Alabama.

  • JD Hogg

    Why would Romney endorse Bentley. Bentley’s a wholly owned subsidiary of Huckabee, Inc. Huck even sent his son-in-law over to be CEO of the Bentley Division.

  • Erin

    Does this mean they all get a number for their place in heaven with the other Mormons?

  • Simon Primary

    This seems like a smart move as most of the candidates getting endorsed are in the most important races. The Governor’s race is over, but the other state races are the critical ones. I think the federal races are more of a gift to have a friendly relationship with our congressional delegation.

  • waltm

    Erin, while they may or may not get the planet awarded virtuous Mormons, the endorsed are now orbiting around a primary (to get astronomical).

  • JD Hogg

    I’ve read two comments from Erin: (1) accusing Kay Ivey of being an alcoholic lesbian and (2) a crude joke about Mitt Romney’s religion. If this garbage is all Erin brings to the table, I hope that Bryce revokes her internet privileges soon.

  • While I appreciate Romney’s help for these candidates (except for Boozer–one Republican I can’t support)–one can’t help but notice the absence of Dr. Bentley
    As a Bentley supporter, I will remember this slight when Romney comes to Alabama asking for votes

  • Re John Killian's Comment

    It’s not a slight, it’s payback.

    JD Hogg is right – Bentley was a Huckabee delegate in 2008 and campaigned against Romney, and then ousted his senior staff after getting into the runoff to hire Huckabee’s son-in-law. That lasted barely a month before Bryan Sanders, the son-in-law, was replaced due to incompetence. See his mishandling of the misleading Vietnam ad & dismissal of the senior staff.

    Besides, we already had one Big Goverment Republican in office ( W. Bush) – we really don’t need to nominate another one like Huckabee.

  • RepubReform

    John Killian shows how narrow minded he really is…again.

  • Simon Primary

    Based on previous posts, I doubt Rev – K would volunteer/support/vote for a Morman anyway.

  • illrember

    How was Erin’s comment a “crude” joke about his religion? Joke, yes. Crude, no. I thought it was pretty funny. Let’s be honest- I didn’t see her comment about Kay Ivey being an alcoholic lesbian, but is there any question the lady has a drinking problem?

  • Making jokes about someone’s religion is crude within itself. Erin’s comments have not contributed positively to the conversation in either post. It’s one thing to criticize politely or disagree, and another altogether to mock. For your information illremember, here is the comment from the other post:

    She has a record… losing $400 million of our tax dollars in the stock market. Our Republican candidates are just plain horrible. She’s been in the closet long enough to give her a drinking problem. And the new treasurer candidate is in the closet, too… though barely. And he actually has the name “boozer.”

  • Repub Reform, what does the breadth or narrowness of my mind have to do with my concern that a major Republican figure endorses the entire top of the ticket, but excepts the gubernatorial candidate?

    Simon Primary, I have never blasted any candidate’s religion or the lack thereof. Obviously, you have not read my articles on the subject. Our country has been served by some excellent public officials who were LDS/Mormon.
    Hey, I am thankful for Thomas Jefferson, who was a skeptic and never supported Jimmy Carter, a fellow Baptist.
    Your comments were unjust.

  • One further comment–I would gladly vote for Mitt Romney over Barack Obama.
    However, in a primary, when making my decision, I will remember Romney’s slight of Gov. Bentley

  • Don

    I doubt that an endorsement by Romney will help any of these candidates and could backfire on some for various reasons, but his financial support is another matter. What I think this establishes is that Romney has decided to run for the Republican presidential nomination again. I have reasons of my own that Romney knows nothing about for not supporting Dr. Bentley. If None of the Above were on the ballot for governor it would get my vote.

  • BhamGOP84

    Hey John,

    Considering that AP is now reporting Bentley turned down the endorsement, are you still going to remember the “slight of Gov. Bentley”?

  • Well, guess not.
    If Gov Bentley didn’t want his endorsement, then I suppose Gov Romney wouldn’t force it on him! :)

  • Jamison Braly

    Bentley is a flip flop hack. If I vote for him at all it will be as I hold my nose. Nothing better than a republican who got a cool 10 grand from a teachers union…

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