Harri Anne Smith Takes to TV in SD 29

State Sen. Harri Anne Smith has a new ad airing in Senate District 29.

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Smith was elected as a Republican but is running as an Independent after the Republican Party ruled she was ineligible to appear on the ballot as a Republican because she endorsed Democrat Bobby Bright in the 2008 race for the 2nd Congressional District. Smith faces Republican George Flowers. Democratic nominee Jennifer Adams withdrew from the race last month.

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28 comments to Harri Anne Smith Takes to TV in SD 29

  • 2010 Red

    FANTASTIC AD, there is no way that someone who has done nothing but take money from the Wiregrass can beat Smith who has proven herself for over 10 years by working to do anything she can for her district.

  • 2010

    2010 Red – apparently your are delusional. and what do u mean “take money from the wiregrass” ??? do you mean create jobs – because yes, her opponent creates jobs and thus puts money into the wiregrass. do you mean her opponents financial supporters? maybe you should review your history. those are the same people that gave harri anne her start and supported her 100% until she went nuts and back to her roots of supporting democrats and being influenced by gambling interests. now those same supporters are for her opponent…and rightfully so.

    But, to the real purpose of the post. This ad is not new. It is the same ad from many months ago. where is the news here? Maybe the real post should be that her campaign manger quit and ran for the hills last week. I’d like to see a post on that from Danny. That is news. Likely more big news to come as well in this race…

  • Let there be no doubt, Harri Anne Smith is definitely the right person for the Al Senate Seat, District 29! She is a great person and Senator whom has worked deligently and hard for citizens of lower Alabama. She will once again win her election rather easily on Nov. 2, 2010.
    Go Harri Anne! The video is outstanding.

  • JJ

    I thought she may leave out the Republican line. She may have Democrats leave it blank now instead of voting for her if she keeps saying she is a Republican. Odd since they do not want her in the party.

  • 2010

    Following up on JJ’s comments, the “I’m a conservative Republican” comment is also odd because the Democratic party endorses Harri Anne in this race. But of course her commercial says what it says and maybe it is not odd at all considering her history. she has always been willing to say anything to win. Also interesting to note is she will not tell voters who she will caucus with if she is in the Senate next term. Sketchy…

  • P.S.

    Hold on, isn’t she running on the independent ticket? Now her first line is that she’s a “Republican”. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t she being delusional? Last time I checked a Guy named Flowers won the Republican nomination and she was kicked to the curb for campaigning for a progressive Democrat called Bright because she lost in a close primary.

    Sounds familiar….

    Harri Anne is our very own version of former republican turned sore loser independents, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and Alaska Senator Murkoski.

    Just call her plain nuts…

  • P.S.

    She’ll caucus with the Dems, she has AEA support as well as the local Wiregrass Dems support. everywhere you see democrat signs you’ll also see Harri Anne signs….She’ll do anything to win, I bet she goes negative real soon since she’s still sliding in the polls. Notice how she hasn’t crowed about any glowing polls since before she was sent packing?

  • 2010

    her poll numbers are down and her campaign manager resigned and left town. not good news for any candidate. but i suspect that is the least of her worries.

  • 2010 Red

    2010- by taking money and jobs from the Wiregrass I mean he hires illegal aliens from Cox Pools

  • alabamagirl

    She is an independent. George Flowers is the Republican. Who is she trying to fool? What about all that debt Democrat Bobby Bright paid off for her? Hummmmmmmm.

  • P.S.

    alabamagirl, the AEA, Dems and gambling community is backing her what do expect her tactics to be like. More smoke and mirrors… just more smoke and mirrors. She’s just an embarrassing sad spectacle with an agonizingly slow political demise. She must still be in denial maybe she could use a new 12-step plan?

  • Regular Alabamaian

    George Flowers ad are unbelievable! He has no experience in government and yet he says he’ll clean up Montgomery. The only thing he’ll clean up is a buffet.

  • 2010

    ummm….have u ever laid eyes on harri anne, regular alabamian? talk about a buffet… and i find it ironic in the largest way that you think harri anne can clean u montgomery when she is part of a legislature currently under federal investigation for corruption. ironic indeed.

    and 2010 Red, apparently the truth matters little to you. go figure.

  • 2010 Red

    Really guys? Who eats more? Grow up. Base your vote on something that matters.

  • anonymous

    2010 Red-
    Like how tall Big Luther is?

  • Regular Alabamian,

    2010 is so obsessed with Harri Anne Smith and Bright that he can only bash them over and over! Like a broke record, scratch, scratch… Maybe, just maybe he will eventually find himself something really useful to do!

    I’ll be voting again for Harri Anne and Bobby since they both possess the much needed leadership skills for District 29 and 02 in Alabama.

  • JD

    Is Harri Anne listed on the ballot as:

    Harri Anne Smith – Independent?


    Harri Anne Smith – Gambling Mob?

  • 2010

    You are correct 02 voter, I am committed to seeing Bright and Harri Anne back in private life and out of public office. And I am far from the only one. They are two examples of the double talking, no conviction, say anything to get elected type that I have ever seen. They need to go – and the sooner the better. The way things look, I will get my wish as it is also the wish of the majority of voters in their respective districts. Nov. 2 cannot come soon enough.

  • 2010, You’re just flopping your gums because you are jealous of their political success or just plain ignorant of their wiregrass values and popularity, plain and simple! Now, go play me some country music…

  • P.S.

    Roll Tide and Vote Bright & Smith on Nov.02, 2010.

  • anonymous

    2010, you seem to know so much. Let’s see your numbers. All I have heard about have Smith and Bright comfortably ahead.

  • PS

    anonymous, how about seeing your numbers and source too.

  • PS

    What is a lie? Webster defines as:
    Definition of LIE (intransitive verb)
    1: to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive
    2: to create a false or misleading impression (Bingo)

    Last sentence on her official senate site says, “Having served as a Republican since first being elected to the Alabama Senate, Senator Smith formally became an Independent on June 1, 2010.”


    We can deduce that she is a “liar”.

    Kind of like being a life long Republican:


  • JD

    No one has commented on the fact that this is a 60 second ad. She must have money to blow if she’s running a minute spot on WSFA.

  • CC Dollar

    “most of all i’m a senator that listens to the people”

    nuff said….

  • 2010

    and the feds have likely been listening in on her conversations, CC.

  • PS

    “most of all i’m a senator that listens to the people” (and not to the law)

    now nuff said….

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