Robert Bentley on Your World with Cavuto

On Your World with Neil Cavuto on Fox News, Republican gubernatorial candidate Robert Bentley discusses his pledge not to accept a salary until Alabama reaches full employment.

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11 comments to Robert Bentley on Your World with Cavuto

  • He sure didn’t say much about how to create jobs when/if he actually becomes governor. I’d like to hear more about his plans in office, as he’s already passed his short term plan he’s always talking about.

  • Anonymous

    Why is an unemployment rate of 5.2% so great? It was a lot less than that for most of this decade.

  • waltm

    5.2% is the magic number economists use as the measure of national full employment. Other magic numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Anon

    Not the guy I want sitting across the table from an economic development prospect. And Brian’s right, he keeps talking about the jobs bill that passed in the last legislative session. Not once in that interview did he mention what he would do moving forward to put Alabamians back to work.

  • Jay Croft

    He’s wealthy. A governor’s salary is just pocket change, to him.

  • 2010

    I agree with all comments above. the “no salary” is just a gimmick – but a clever one. I am much more concerned about how he will create jobs and how he will in any way be as successful as the current governor in terms of economic development. unfortunately, bentley does not appear to have the charisma or the know how to recruit major, international industry. that being said, i will vote for him as ron sparks would be even worse in my opinion. but bentley not taking a salary may be a good thing….we may be paying him what he is worth at that point ???

  • Anon

    I’m also curious as to how Dr. Bentley plans to pay on two mortgages and the rest of his expenses and luxuries. I’m not saying he doesn’t have enough money saved up to do that–he very well may–but it opens the door to the question on what role outside/special interests will play in his administration. I’m just assuming he’s going to have to have money coming in from somewhere. And I agree with 2010, I’m voting for Bentley because Sparks is a joke. But I also want honest government and I’m concerned with Bentley’s no salary pledge.

  • I don’t think it’s quite fair to call $113,000 pocket change for anyone. However, I bet in addition to his retirement he still has a stake in that practice that pays out. And of course it’s a gimmick, but he was a long shot in a primary that had five candidates trying to get noticed, so he had to come up with some gimmicks, and he did… good ones, obviously.

  • Ol' Fart

    The “no salary” gimmick will be offset by Bob Riley retiring. We have to pay Bob’s wage for the rest of his life. I’d rather see the money thrown in a toilet and flushed repeatedly.

  • anonymous

    Ol’ F – what wage are you talking about? Ala Governors do not get a retirement.

  • RepubReform

    I’d rather pay somebody $113,000 who can prove to me he is a real leader and can tackle all the challenges facing our state. Bentley is NOT that individual.

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