GOP Race for Gov Keeps Getting More Interesting

Robert Bentley and Bradley Byrne

The GOP runoff for the nomination for Governor keeps getting more and more interesting with blurred lines of demarcation and strange bedfellows.

The former Democrat, Bradley Byrne, enjoys support of the GOP establishment. Lifelong Republican Robert Bentley enjoys the support of Democratic party Vice-Chair (and AEA chief) Paul Hubbert and welcomes Dems’ votes. Ads funded by AEA hammer Byrne (though it’s Byrne who has received more AEA money over the years than Bentley). And Scott Beason, one of the most reliably conservative voices in the state Senate, has endorsed Bentley.

The state GOP establishment has pushed back against the notion that Bradley Byrne is its gubernatorial candidate of choice in the GOP primary and runoff, but that pushback has disappeared in the closing days of the campaign. Republican Congressmen Spencer Bachus, Jo Bonner, and Mike Rogers have endorsed Byrne, as has retired Congressman Terry Everett. Gov. Bob Riley has indicated he supports Byrne.

If you haven’t seen these email messages, both are interesting reads. A group called ALARM (Alabama Republicans’ Message) sent this one (.pdf) a week and a half ago sounding the alarm about Bentley’s Democratic support and promoting conference calls to address the concern. A participant sent this follow-up email (.pdf) expressing his own concerns about ALARM’s efforts. (The link is to an edited version of the email. I’ve since received a copy of the original.)

Jennifer Foster takes a look at the race here. Phillip Rawls of Associated Press makes the important point that turnout will be key. How many Democrats will cross over to vote in the GOP primary?

One consideration… if Bentley wins the nomination and goes on to win in November, what will his working relationship with the entrenched GOP interests look like? What sort of shake-up might there be in the GOP pecking order?


In case you’ve otherwise missed them, here are some of the various ads that have been airing in the last week or so.

Robert Bentley, “Own Two Feet”

YouTube Preview Image

Bradley Byrne, “Values”

YouTube Preview Image

Bradley Byrne, “Republicans Speak Out”

YouTube Preview Image

Bradley Byrne, “Fight Back”

YouTube Preview Image

What interesting details of this race are overlooked here and worth a mention?

60 comments to GOP Race for Gov Keeps Getting More Interesting

  • anonymous

    Don previously, you make an excellent point. This “protect the brand” stuff is unintentionally on the mark. A “brand” is OWNED and Mike Hubbard and his crowd believe they “own” the state GOP.

    If nothing else, today holds the promise of reminding Hubbard et all that the VOTERS own the GOP – NOT the party insiders who have profited.

  • Don

    It would take a tornado to produce as much spin as I read in these comments.

  • anonymous

    Rumor has it that Rebecca Byrne called 911 this morning from the gulfside estate of Bradley R. Byrne Esquire this morning. She was distressed that Bradley had begun sipping Chardonnay at dawn, then began knocking back Appletinis. She asked 911 to send over some Grey Poupon ASAP as Bradley had run out overnight and was curled in a fetal position sucking his thumb and begging for his childhood nanny.

  • Anon26

    anonymous, lean over and ask Bentley why he buys his suits from the Men’s Big and Tall when he’s actually more like a child’s medium? It’s been a lingering question

  • anonymous

    I’m more interested in if they sell men’s clothes wherever Bradley buys his duds . . .

  • Did Byrne really throw his cell phone out the window when his pollster told him there was NO WAY IN HELL he could win? How gay.

  • RepubReform

    Last night robocalls from Paul Hubbert were going around the state telling people to vote for Bentley. I think that’s a clear message that the Democratic special interests are behind their puppet Robert Bentley. If you are a Republican, vote for the only Republican in the runoff, Bradley Byrne.

  • anonymous

    Hail Mary Alert One of the day, immediately above . . .

    Estimated time to Byrne concession 10 hours . . . .

  • Proud AEA member

    No calls went out from Dr. Hubbert, just another Bradley lie. Bradley wanted a fight and he got it….so why the anger when AEA hit back?

  • ALwatcher

    25 of 59 comments belong to anonymous.

    Does he like Bentley: Yes.

    Does he like Byrne: No.

    Does he have a life: No.

    Come on, anonymous, people were referring to you in a lot of posts but you wouldn’t answer. Please answer! You are so funny! We love it when you hog the post wall!

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