Daryl Perkins, Former Davis Staffer, Joins Ron Sparks Campaign

Daryl Perkins, a long-time staffer for Artur Davis who left the Davis campaign in October, has signed on to the Ron Sparks gubernatorial campaign, a Sparks campaign supporter confirmed to the Parlor.

“He has been helpful behind the scenes for a while now, as an informal adviser, but now it’s official,” said the supporter who added that Perkins would be working with voter outreach. “Artur was foolish to let him go. He didn’t realize how much Perkins did for Davis and for Alabama.” Perkins was introduced as a new member of the team at last Saturday’s meeting of the campaign’s coordinators.

In reporting Perkins’ departure from the Davis campaign, Charles Dean of The Birmingham News in October called Perkins a “long-time Davis insider,” saying:

Perkins has been one of Davis’ key insiders for a decade, serving as his legislative district director for 7 years. Perkins was seen as one of the key leaders in Davis’ historic effort to win the governor’s office.

Sparks and Davis face each other in the June 1 Democratic gubernatorial primary.

Another staff change… we hear that earlier this month David Mowery and the Mowery Consulting Group amicably parted ways with the Artur Davis campaign.

9 comments to Daryl Perkins, Former Davis Staffer, Joins Ron Sparks Campaign

  • Winning Ugly

    Huge coup. You have to assume Perkins knows the ins and outs of Davis’ polling and (lack of) organization.

    Is there a consultant Davis hasn’t run off?

  • legal_dem

    im skeptical. has anyone actually spoken with perkins to confirm this? a standard part of virtually any senior staff-level contract on major campaigns is a very strong non-compete + confidentiality clause. given his sharp legal mind, i would be surprised if davis failed to include such a clause and even more surprised if perkins were foolish enough to violate it.

  • If there are legal issues to be sorted out, the parties involved can sort them out. There is no doubt that Perkins has been introduced at a Sparks’ campaign coordinators’ meeting, that Sparks has told people Perkins is coming on board… I’m getting that from multiple parties.

    Now, perhaps legal acrimony will cause much gnashing of teeth, much parsing of words, future reconsideration of present conditions, but this is what is now. :)

  • anonymous

    Politics sure attracts a lot of people who are just out for themselves.

  • Redeye

    Smart move by the Sparks campaign. I wonder what took them so long?

  • M

    Artur should have kept Dave Mallory on board.

  • Margaret

    Davis out classes Sparks to such a degree that I can’t figure out why anyone would make the move Perkins made.

  • Blue Shadow

    Too little, too late. Hiring a staffer this late in the game won’t have any real impact with election day less than two weeks away you have either built your election day organization or you haven’t. The addition of a staffer at this late juncture makes little difference in the scheme of things.

  • AntiRepugnican

    Daryl who???? This guy is small time just like Sparks’ campaign. It doesn’t matter how many recycled lower level staffers Sparks retreads, he still will lose. Time is up on a guy who ran the worst campaign in Alabama history. He should know how to bow out gracefully but alas he lacks the grace required.

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