Dale Peterson's Ad Vantage? Going Viral

Candidates in Alabama looking for an advertising vantage are finding it in going viral. First GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim James. Now it’s GOP Agriculture Commissioner candidate Dale Peterson with a video viewed 41,000 times on YouTube since it went up 14 hours ago. It doesn’t appear to be an actual ad that would show up as is on TV in that it clocks in at 1:10 instead of the usual 30 or 60 seconds, but with the kind of buzz the ad is getting he may find some money to go on the air. (His 45-day report last month showed about $700 on hand, after raising $4,000, loaning himself $34,000 and spending almost all of it.)

Gawker says it as well as anyone:

Maybe you remember Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim James’ flag-waving “We Speak English” ad. This spot from Republican Alabama Agricultural Commissioner candidate Dale Peterson makes James look like a gay Commie terrorist. Dramatic music! Guns! Horses! Drawling! God Bless America.

And lots of tough talk. He calls primary opponent Dorman Grace “a dummy.” He calls out “thugs and criminals” who “don’t give a rip about Alabama,” and I suppose he means some combination of Grace, primary opponent John McMillan, Democratic candidate Glen Zorn and current Ag Commissioner Ron Sparks.

It’s a must see.

YouTube Preview Image

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