New Ad from Tim James

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim James has a new ad running in every market, broadcast and cable, starting today. It’s called “Language.”

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72 comments to New Ad from Tim James

  • princeliberty

    All the polling agrees that Byrne and Moore are the frontrunners.

    They are the only two viable candidates. James has spend several millions dollars and can’t get out of forth place in single figures.
    Spending more millions on more bad ads will not change that.

  • princeliberty

    And you implied that Bentley was viable candidate. Bentley has less money than Moore. So your not even following your own logic.

    But if it was all about money Tim would have a huge lead because he has outspent everybody.

  • conservative

    New Polling…. It will be released later this week.


    Looks like James ads are working and hes gaining support, surely all you insiders would know the polling data, right?.

  • conservative

    Oh and by the way,I was talking with someone who was undecided and they told me they saw the Tim James ad with English being the Official language and he now has there vote, that add will resonate with many people because it is a great common sense solution everyone can relate to.

  • princeliberty

    It is about time for another Tim James campaign poll. However, we should soon start seeing more independent polling – so baloney campaign release are going get anyone too far.

  • Vick

    Tim James is so freaking racist. I hope he gets mobbed and beaten by a hispanic family. Asshole.

  • Vick

    Alabama, just like the rest of our beautiful nation, speaks English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Hindi and a myriad of different languages. This is the UNITED States of America, not the English-majority-speaking States. If you want to live here, learn one foreign language too. It’ll do you good, asshole.

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  • sherry

    About time that someone took a stand and started to speak out on this issue. The Senator is speaking the truth.

  • Fred

    This is precisely the sort of wedge issue that is destroying America. This is the best argument that Tim James has for why he is fit to be the governor of Alabama. I’m a Democrat and not particularly religious, but Bradey Byrne’s biblical family values ads now seem pretty nice in comparison.

    We’ve had 25 years of failed leadership under the baby boomers, and yet the petty squabling continues. The pragmatic revolution is on folks, so drop all your baggage at the door and help this nation solve its problems.

    The biggest problem I have with James ad is his voice and demeanor. It’s almost as if he is literally speaking under his breadth the whole ad, as if he’s at a meeting before a lynch mob. I was half expecting him to say “get a rope” as he muttered something unintelligble at the end fo the ad.

    We can do better Alabama. We must do better. Americans should speak english, but its fairly illogical to asume that they will the day after they arrive in this country.

    Are people really foolish enough to think that poor hispanic immigrants don’t want their kids to learn english, work hard in school and succeed in this country? This sort of us versus them group-think hatred is
    absolutely sickening to see.

    I don’t wish damnation on anyone, but Tim James is pushing his luck here…

  • princeliberty

    No this not taking a stand. Taking a stand would pushing to crack down on companies that hire illegal aliens.

    Tim’s not pushing that.

  • sherry

    Yes in a way it is princeliberty. He might not be proper with his way of speaking, but there is a point that comes across in his message. Most people come to the United States in search of a better life, whether for themselves or their families. I believe that they should learn the English language, and hey it’s good to have another in case it is needed. Look at it like this- if anyone goes to live in another country that is fluent in another language than that of their own, they need to learn it. Otherwise, they will become isolated and be left out from help that they may need. I do not fall to one race or the other nor do I look at it in that manner, and for one to do so, they are ignorant. Sometimes the truth is hard to absorb.

  • princeliberty

    No its not taking a stand this is not going to reduce the number of illegal aliens by a single number in the State of Alabama. Further, it not going to happen. The matter was litigated before and Alabama will lose its Title VI if this is done. Tim not prepared to give up those funds.

    Addressing the companies hiring the illegal aliens will reduce the number of illegal aliens. But that involves taking on those businesses and their political power.

    Tim doing some very empty posing instead of making a serious public policy stand.

  • Tim James taught me everything I know about in-your-face campaign ads…

  • Reg Park

    Nothing like Tim James making all of Alabama look like a bunch of racist rednecks. As if we already don’t have perception problems with how the rest of the United States sees us now we’ve got Tim James pissing off foriegn nationals who have invested billions in our state. If James gets elected how much money will Alabama lose in his attempt to Rally The Rednecks and get a few cheap votes. This is no better than Bradley Byrne kicking Paul Hubbert and the AEA in the political nuts and pisssing off a large voting block that he is going to have to work with if he does get elected.

  • princeliberty

    He’s actually focusing his whole campaign to appeal to the huge angry mobs protesting driver’s tests being given in non-English!

  • [...] last ad advocating driver’s license tests in English-only initially bewildered some Alabama voters on both sides of the aisle (based on what I was reading in [...]

  • Brian

    My biggest problem with the ad and many of the comments is that it suggests that immigrants are unwilling or unable to learn English. The best way to turn votes is to appeal to them on an emotional level. This example attempts to play on peoples’ fear. Haven’t we had enough of that? Next thing you know people will be calling Obama a socialist, comparing Democrats to communist regimes, saying health reform includes “Death Panels”, begin showing up at rallies with weaponry, or even comparing the President to a comic book anarchic villain in white makeup. Oh wait, Republicans are already doing that. I can handle the idea of the minority being obstructive, that’s part of why the system works, but hateful over-exaggerating fear mongers? That’s just plain scary!

  • [...] is the second parody I’ve seen of Tim James’ ad advocating English-only driver’s license tests. (The other, mentioned here, can be found [...]

  • [...] Posted by Danny, on May 12th, 2010, at 8:30 am The Washington Post online takes note that the “English” ad of GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim James did extremely well with Republicans and Democrats when [...]

  • tiredofwiningliberals

    So you hope a hispanic family beats up mr james. Probably will. And if the police are called big if I’m guessing family will have no papers insurance or id but will be in a lexus. Oh wow that almost like in march when a poor I’m sure victim without a dl any id us or mex wiped out and killed a woman……he got all sorts of free healthcare and is now in mexicon….twenty seconds later my wife would have been dead……but the poor undocumentednman would be your victim. Shut up or get logical brain. Waaaaaaaaaaaa.

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