Public Policy Polling releases its Alabama poll

For the impatient (remember D comes before R):

Davis leads the Democratic field with 38% to 28% for Ron Sparks and 9% for Sam
Franklin Thomas. Davis leads with liberal, moderates, and conservatives alike by
margins ranging from 8 to 14 points. Sparks is ahead 33-29 with white voters but Davis
has the overall lead thanks to a 48-23 advantage with African Americans.

On the Republican side Byrne and Roy Moore are the clear early frontrunners. Byrne has
27% to Moore’s 23%. Robert Bentley and Kay Ivey are tied for third with 10% each
followed by Tim James at 9%.

Full report is available at Public Policy Polling.  No doubt much celebration will had as well as rending of clothes and tearing out of hair.

H/T: Alabama Politics

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