Daily Headlines, Tuesday, 1/26/2010

Montgomery AdvertiserMobile district attorney to lead Governor’s Task Force on Illegal Gambling

Montgomery AdvertiserJames announces plan to solve budget shortfall

Montgomery AdvertiserLawmakers set to discuss troubled PACT’s future

Montgomery Advertiser$3.9M grant to fund broadband projects in rural Alabama

Montgomery AdvertiserExpanding Montgomery prekindergarten wise

Huntsville TimesBarron: Roads plan ‘is jobs bill’

Huntsville TimesCalhoun names Bryson local dean

Huntsville TimesJames calls for state worker furloughs

Huntsville TimesJudge to end stalemate over Jackson County engineer

Huntsville TimesMadison may see another tea party

Huntsville TimesMarshall County seeks federal funds for roads

Huntsville TimesSchools demand a ‘real’ budget

Birmingham NewsBirmingham Mayor-elect William Bell asks CEO to review finances

Birmingham NewsJudge: No restraining order against Birmingham school board on superintendent vote

Birmingham NewsFormer Shelton State president arrested

Birmingham NewsTVA tells group to remove cats from informal sanctuary on its north Alabama property

Press-RegisterBayou La Batre school receives $40,000 grant to restock Katrina-damaged library

Press-RegisterGov. Riley plans to veto resolution blocking teacher code of ethics

Press-RegisterAlabama SGA orders review of spending for BCS-related Pasadena trip

Press-RegisterBiologists fill Mobile lake with sunfish, hope they’ll reduce invasive snail population

Press-RegisterEditorial: The meaning of it all

Tuscaloosa NewsResidents protest Levey’s nomination

Tuscaloosa NewsDCH’s ‘free care’ down for 2nd year

Tuscaloosa NewsMembers picket SCLC conference

Tuscaloosa NewsAlabama can lose the high poverty rate

Florence TimesDailyOfficials expecting low turnout for today’s school renewal tax election

Florence TimesDailyCommissioners offer another tourism choice

Florence TimesDailyOfficials want vote on proposal

Florence TimesDailyLegislation may not fix PACT fiasco

Florence TimesDailyGriffith aide resigns from state Democratic committee

Anniston StarThis ‘ugly process’

Anniston StarThe meaning of guarantee

Anniston StarIn the Oxford dirt

Decatur Daily Public board off to a shaky start

Gadsden TimesLocal Baptist group seeks to join bingo lawsuit

Gadsden TimesPolitical button collection highlights obscure candidates

Opelika-Auburn NewsCandidates busy in Alabama governor’s race

8 comments to Daily Headlines, Tuesday, 1/26/2010

  • Transferred to Alabama

    Gov Riley’s Veto of the Educator/Teacher’s Ethics Code is a Travesty. (Especially considering recent events concerning; Himself, Family, and those who work in his inner circle being called into question so many times in recent news in accourdance for questionable behaviors and actions.)

    This is just another example of His – You are not smart enough to make your own decisions – I do not care what the people want; I know what’s best for you and your family. SAYS WHO?

    One reason stated that: “Teachers could be targeted and fired for no reason” is RIDICULAS. Alabama is one of the few states remaining that does not have some sort of Teacher’s Ethics Code in place. In this case; something is better than nothing! Is anything too much to protect your child?

    NOT ALL EDUCATORS But Some Educators are against this Code; WHY? — These people do not want to be accountable for their actions in/out of the school room. They do not want to be responsible for their accountability to; Continuing Education, Personal Agendas, Personal Belief/Statements and a multitude of other transgressions committed on a daily basis.

    If you are an educator charged with the responsibility of the future of our children, YOU SHOULD be held to a higher standard of accountability!! Expounding your personal ideas/beliefs instead of “Approved” factual information/docterine is NOT TEACHING – it is PREACHING and that is not your job. As long as it is not illegal your personal activities will not be called into question.

    If you do not like it, than find another career.(Oh yes, but then you could not have every holiday off, Christmas Vaca,Spring Break, and Summer MONTHS off, while maintaining a bad attitude doing the job YOU chose.)!!

    IMHO – Many educators devote their lives to the children of this country and do so with every skill they can aquire. Teaching is not a JOB, It is a Commitment and a Calling!! Do the Children of Alabama deserve anything less than the BEST??

  • Anonymous

    Dude, transfer back to where you came from. The Governor is vetoing the Legislature’s bill that REJECTS the code of ethics. He is for it. They are against it. If he doesn’t veto their bill, then the ethics code dies. Maybe before going on your next diatribe, you’ll learn the facts. Welcome to Alabama.

  • CC Dollar

    you’ll have to excuse transferred….riley being for anything “ethics” kinda throws alot of us…

  • Transferred to Alabama

    If the Gov. VETO happens The Board of Ed retains all powers and privilegde over ALL ASPECTS of the Education system. There will not be any watch dog to curtail the absolute powers already in place.

  • Mr. Jinks

    Think you’re confused, transfer. The Legislature killed the Educator Code of Ethics. Riley’s veto restored it, at least until they override.

    I would be interested to find out if AEA or some other group cleverly put something out to members with a headline like “Riley Vetos Educator Code of Ethics”

  • Taxpayer

    Governor Riley hiring the DA of Mobile (AKA the Pit Bull)is scary! This is the same guy who lost the public vote for State AG but the Governor appoints him to head an ARMED TASK FORCE?!?!? Who voted for a Task Force, are we in need of Marshall Law and someone failed to tell me?

  • waltm

    Mr Jinks read the Selma Times-Journal headline. Surely, a mistake

  • Dirt McGurt

    Wow, lots of illiterate people on Doc’s lately…

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