You Can Help Poll Alabama!

Public_Policy_Polling_logo…or, at least, you can help see that Alabama is polled.

Public Policy Polling is asking readers to choose which of five states it polls next, and Alabama is one of them. Go vote now! Wouldn’t you like to see some numbers on the governor’s race?

Voting will be open until Monday morning, the poll is in the field beginning Monday night, and the results will be released by the end of the week.

11 comments to You Can Help Poll Alabama!

  • Goat Hill

    Thanks Danny. I voted! Sure hope everyone else will do the same! Looks like Alabama is running second to Mass. right now! PLEASE VOTE EVERYONE!!!!

  • Don

    I just voted and Alabama is stil behind Massachusetts.

  • JD

    Public Policy Polling (PPP) is an American, Democratic Party-affiliated polling firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina – Source: Wikipedia.

    Might as well stick with the known slant of AEA Polling.

  • Baudrillard

    Way behind.

  • Dave

    Alabama is closing in fast. Hurry up and vote.

  • JJ

    I voted. It would be good to see what PPP poll shows. If it shows Sparks behind badly and Davis competitive in the general I wonder what all the anti-Davis people would say then?

  • JD, there are fine people doing good work on both sides of the aisle. Do you have some substantive reason to poormouth the integrity of their work? Or are you simply taking a partisan swipe with a broad brush?

  • Anonymous

    I just voted and put Alabama ahead by 5 votes.

  • JD

    Firms like PPP (D) should always indicate that they are a single party polling firm. Real Clear Politics notes those firms with an (R) or (D). PPP (D) is a firm whose ownership has left no doubt as to supported candidates with either monetary or verbal support. There have been arguments in several states that early polling is designed to either enhance a supported candidate’s posistion or promote the idea of an incumbant in trouble. As someone who first looks at the makeup of how many R & D’s are polled, what % are Black and the wording of the questions, I am skeptical of most pollsters and very wary of “Party” Pollsters results. Too many people look at the poll results in the paper as a fact rather that look at how these results were arrived at. Most readers on your site look under the covers on every issue, most like myself look with a partisan view.

  • JD, we are much in agreement. It makes sense to kick the tires, look under the hood, and know what you are getting. That said, companies who seek to do reputable work, even (or especially) those who have a partisan lean, don’t do themselves any favors by skewing #’s. Numbers that hold up to scrutiny only enhance a company’s reputation and help them in the marketplace.

    I’m with you on looking under the covers! :) I’m glad to see the evidence, the history, on any company that is not reputable.

    FWIW, Massachusetts is maintaining a slim lead in the online poll at this writing.

  • [...] Danny at Political Parlor is encouraging folks to vote in the Public Policy Polling online poll regarding which state they should poll in next.  I echo his request and hope we can get enough votes to see some Public Policy polling of the Alabama governor’s race. GD Star Ratingloading…Help Get Polling in Alabama10.0102 Sphere: Related Content [...]

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