Bobby Bright Plans to Stay a Dem

Bobby BrightEverybody wonders if Bobby Bright will follow Parker Griffith across the aisle. According to, Bright plans to stay a Dem:

But Bright told the House Democratic leadership Tuesday night that he planned to stay in the party, according to a senior Democratic aide.

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13 comments to Bobby Bright Plans to Stay a Dem

  • Montgomery Voter

    What he will not remain is a Congressman

  • 2010

    of course he will stay a dem….he has the convictions of one. he is a dem to his core – yert tries to hide it – especially in the Wiregrass.

  • princeliberty

    Bright is planning on losing in November 2010.

  • Thomas Jefferson

    Well, like my mother always said, you can’t fix stupid.

  • Greg

    2010 – You know? It is the kind of hate you spew on behalf of the Republican Party that stands in the way of recruiting good folks.

  • Thunder3325

    Were Bobby Bright to pull a Griffith and jump ship to the GOP, it would create quite a dilemma for the Republicans, who already appear to be coalescing behind Martha Roby in the 2nd CD. A lot of Republicans who did not vote for Bright, have nonetheless been pleasantly surprised with his performance thus far. With the exception of his vote for Pelosi for Speaker, what other fodder do they have to hang over his head? A Bright crossover to the GOP would probably increase his chances of re-election, however, it would no doubt spark division within the party during the primary (Hmmm, where have we seen this before? 2008, maybe?). Of course, depending on when he made the announcement, the Democrats would be hard pressed to find a viable candidate to run on their ticket in November. Bobby Bright is to the 2nd District what Dave Freudenthal is to Wyoming. He is probably one of only a very few Democrats who have a prayer in such a conservative-leaning district.

  • anonymous

    Here’s the deal, Bobby Bright is different because he cares what the GOP said about him in 2008. He’s stubborn enough to lose rather than join “those that made fun of him in 2008.”

    It is to be seen whether or not that theory will serve him well in 2010.

  • Dan

    Stick with the dems, Bobby…. PLEASE!

  • Vicki

    Bright is planning on winning in 2010 because he is solid and working for his district. He is not reactionary and fearful but strong and dedicated to the people he serves. In contrast to his fellow Alabama freshman in Congress.

  • 2010

    greg – saying bright is a democrat in his core is hateful? wow. i guess dems will have a hard time in 2010 if saying someone is one is hateful! and saying he tries to hide being a democrat when he is in the wiregrass is an absolute fact that everyone here knows. if the truth hurts….sorry but it works that way.

  • Greg

    2010 Your acidic tongue runs throughout this blog (and probably many others) All for the PARTY huh?

  • 2010

    like i said – saying bright is a democrat is acidic and hateful, huh? wow – a bit dog bites, i guess. maybe you can petition the sec. of state to not put a D by Bright’s name on the ballot in 2010 since it is hate speech. Laughable…

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