Bill Johnson Comments on Riley Family Ties

Bill JohnsonIf Bill Johnson and Gov. Bob Riley at the same social event wasn’t awkward before Wednesday it likely is now. Johnson, you may remember, abruptly resigned from the Governor’s cabinet in June to meet an ultimatum from the Governor to resign or announce he was not going to run for Governor.

Wednesday on the Matt Murphy radio show, Johnson answered Matt Murphy’s question about a possible conflict of interest presented by having the Governor’s son, Rob Riley, represent the office of Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale in disputes with the Jefferson County Commission.

Said Johnson:

[Jefferson County Commission President Bettye Fine Collins] is looking at the Governor to be the savior of the county and resolve all these problems and here comes a knock on the door from the Sheriff and Rob Riley about a contract. What kind of position is she in? I’m not going to speak for the governor but it would cloud my decisions if I had children on the payroll of the county or an organization I was supposed to be figuring out whether they were going to go bankrupt or not. It would cloud my judgment.

Murphy and Johnson talk in a similar fashion about the Governor’s son-in-law who is a partner at Bradley Arant, a firm that – in Murphy’s words – “makes millions of dollars working with the county.”

Listen to these comments in this excerpt, or head over to the WAPI 1070 website to listen to the whole Wednesday show.

Edit: The next-to-last paragraph has been edited for the sake of clarity.

74 comments to Bill Johnson Comments on Riley Family Ties

  • William

    I’ll agree it could be sticky, but it’s not a direct benefit Red.

  • 2010

    post 42…i guess u think roy moore and tim james are “reasonably good” candidates? Wow. I guess Ron Sparks is too then.

  • Dirt McGurt

    Yellahamma, I disagree with your comments in post 42, but I don’t feel dumber for having read it. Try to make comments like that and not like your first post.

  • Brian Johnson

    My predicitons: Byrne and all Republicans run Robocall and mail campaign, Davis runs field, volunteers, earned media, and TV campaign. Davis’ message connects with poor voters (read: 85% of Alabamians making less than Bradley Byrne or any of Riley’s family) but due to race, the election is closer than expected. Davis wins, without recount 52% to 48%. Also, Bright keeps CD2, Griffith keeps CD5, and Mike Rogers finally loses after he loses his cool and hairpiece to Josh Segall in CD3 – by 1200 votes.

    The only real R victory is a virtual(Richard Laird) tie in the House and a tie in the Senate. At which point, Spencer Collier and Blaine Galliher switch and give D’s two vote majority. Jim Preuitt has retired and for some reason Holley changes parties back to the Ds. And the Dems use Lt. Gov. Folsom to pass real reform in Alabama.

    Game. Set. The Big Mules and Branch-heads have lost all power. Match. Alabama Moves Forward.

  • princeliberty

    Number 47, are you disputing that Beasley has given big bucks to Riley or that Beasley is getting big state contracts?

  • anony

    BJ @ 54, you’ve said alot of dumb things on this board over the past few weeks, but this: “And the Dems use Lt. Gov. Folsom to pass real reform in Alabama.” shows just how out of touch you are. Hilarious though.

  • Brian Johnson

    I’m a voter. I don’t have to be in touch. All I have to do is vote. The officials should be in touch. Perish the thought I ever run for office; I’d have to deal with people I either didn’t like or agree with at some point. Also, I’d never be able to use hyperbole and have the crowd at the Marshall County Fair understand it. I’m glad the other commentators on Doc’s are so keen on recognizing satire and my hatred of irony.

  • Bradley Arant

    The biggest Republican law firm in the state gets hired by a Republican administration? I can’t believe that happened! Why doesn’t a Democratic law firm get the state’s business?

  • Brian Johnson

    The Democratic Law firms do get business; they did in the ExxonMobil oil case, Beasley Allen is the best plaintiff firm in the state. So yeah, that’s the biggest case in the state’s history and Riley went with Beasley – sad panda Republican lawyers. Thus, Baxley got no money in ’06 from Alabama Association For Justice.

    And Sam Franklin, the real big GOP lawyer, now that Bradley Arant Racist and White picked up Boult Cummings out of Nashville, the firm will tick more Democratic, especially in North Alabama.

  • princeliberty

    Beasley has gotten a whole lot more than just the Exxon case.

    And on some of Beasley’s cases he brought Riley’s son on board.

    And Beasley has given big bucks to Riley – in fact he is the single largest contributor to Riley.

    I would just like to know why all the above has happened.

    I believe that conservatives should treat Beasley like the low life scum that he is.

  • hholtz

    doesn’t the state’s business have to go out on bid? our school can’t buy toilet paper without bidding it out. guess some things are excluded, like law firms. bid the toilet paper. give the legal work to whoever you want to. what the sam hill is that about?

  • princeliberty

    Yes, the decision to hire Beasley was a discretionary decision of Governor Riley.

    The use of state legal contracts has been abused a lot by more Governors than Riley – no excuse from him.

    It shows this area needs reform. But more than that – this needs to aired out to the public and Riley needs to explain to the public and to conservatives why is in bed with Beasley.

    Not just in bed – passionately making love.

  • Allen Scott

    yeah and what about the $13 Million no-bid computer contract? The company has no website, no listed phone number and a personal residence listed for the company headquarters…
    Seems a little fishy…

  • princeliberty

    And where is the state media?

  • JD

    State Media still following Obama, with their tongues hanging out.

  • Red

    I got that no-bid contract info from the montgomery advertiser story that ran sunday. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of our state media isn’t as currupt as our national media… I hope this isn’t the case.

  • princeliberty

    But will they stay on the story and will the other papers pick up the story?

    One thing is for sure they would NEVER say anything bad about Beasley.

  • Anonymouse

    Prince, did Beasley reject your case? You’ve got it all wrong. Beasley got the contract BECAUSE he hired Rob Riley and made contributions, which makes Riley worse than Siegelman. As for the contracts, Riley’s been running contracts through AUM’s Outreach Center for years. A lot of them to unknown women for about $600,000. Contract Review Committee put a stop to that. None of the contractors has an established business, employees or an office. The state is furnishing everything, and the employees are picked up on internet sites. Huntsville Reporter Bob Lowry was onto it and was told to back off.

  • waltm

    Anonymouse in #68, got any contractors names, dates, figures? When did the Contract Review Committee put an end to it?

  • Anonymouse

    AIMS, LLC; 919 Highfield Road, Tuscaloosa, home of Debra O. White. Contract to work out glitches in new DHR computers. $600,000, let without bids September 2006. Kathy Johnson was PR for Finance when questions started to be asked. Contract was suddently terminated at end of April. $46,000 in claims and overages remain. Think she had another one in Public Safety about the same time, but no details. Contract review told John Veres, who ran the center, not to do them any more without review in 2007. Veres is now head of AUM

  • waltm

    Thanks, details always make a better case. Remember the foofraw in the press and somehow, it never traction.

    Oh well, 2010 will see all the old bones dragged out for one more gnaw.

  • princeliberty

    68? You said that Beasley got the contract because he hired Riley’s son and gave money to Riley, then how do I have it wrong?

  • Brian Johnson

    You don’t have it wrong princeliberty.

  • AUTiger

    I have to laugh at those who get so bent out of shape by the fact that relationships beget favor. That’s true of everything. If it’s illegal or deemed unethical, then I would like to know about it. This isn’t the big story to me. What leaves me clueless is Mr. Johnson’s political strategy. I’d rather put my money down the throat of one of them-thar bingo machines at Country Crossings than write this man a check to go out and seek support from our popular Gov.’s constituency. Sad thing is, they were lined up this morning in Dothan ready to do both! Stupid IS as stupid does!!

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