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Choctaw SunEthics Commission rules County Circuit Clerk committed a “minor” violation of ethics law – at bottom of the page

Dothan EagleTerry Spicer does not meet state requirements for Elba Superintendent’s job

Anniston StarPlantation Patterns plant in Wadley sold – subscribers may find story interesting

The News-CourierParent urges pressure on legislators to save PACT

The Clanton AdvertiserChilton County schools should be able to handle 8% proration and related article

The Daily HomePell City Board of Education approves budget could face $1 million dollar short fall

Dothan EagleDale County Commission splits probate judge and county commission chairman positions

Troy MessengerConstitution Day time to reflect on founding ideals

9 comments to Small Town Political Gazette

  • 2010

    Terry Spicer is a perfect example of what is wrong with the Alabama Legislature. Greed and total disregard for what is right and what is wrong…. I am glad the Dothan Eagle is staying with this story…..

  • Anonymous


    You’re sort of a perfect example of what’s wrong with the conservative voice in this state. Your place amongst the scrum is to repetitively regurgitate the same old double-dipping nonsense that most of your fellow alums have given up on as a campaign tool. Hello, Political Graveyard. Actually, to make it to the Graveyard you must have won an election somewhere along the line, so maybe you can grandfather yourselves in somehow.

    Why trouble yourself so with politics, especially when it’s so blatantly clear you don’t understand them? And especially since you don’t even live in Elba. I mean, who cares what’s going on in Elba? Go Dothan Eagle, a citadel of brilliant and world-renowned journalism.

    Now if Rep. Spicer stole your girlfriend back in The Day, that’s another matter. I’m still plotting a hasty ambush to get that bastard that stole mine.

    How about hopping on the next shuttle to the Moon and setting up your un-political Utopia in the middle of the Agrippa Crater…which is named for Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, a lawyer, theologian, and occultist? I think this setting will suit your skills and knowledge much more appropriately.

    Go Mean Green!

  • waltm

    Interesting technique, however, too polysyllabic,

  • JD

    Union Boss Paul Hubbert said hire Spicer.

    That’s all anyone needs to know. AEA doesn’t like his work to be questioned.

    Didn’t he do the same thing for the Felon Sue Schmitz?

  • CC Dollar

    hate to say it 2010 but #2′s first sentence is right….you can be glad i’m still giving the republicans my support…ya’ll almost ran me away to the dems with your close minded my way or no way aproach to matters…open up a little my brother…many times if you just give a little you get back alot…

  • Anonymous

    Double dipping is corrupt. End it.

  • 2010

    ahhh, thanks post 2, a lot of trouble typing all of that and for what? a defense of terry spicer? a defense of double dipping? a defense of being given a job that you are not qualified for yet they hope you can exert political influence so they employ you? keep defending it all you want….. it is sort of like you trying to polish a turd. It is still a turd.

    Long live Terry Spicer and the AEA !!! Ridiculous….

  • Jim Cook

    Hey anonymous,

    Bite me.

  • Jim Cook

    And by anonymous, I mean No. 2.

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