Daily Headlines, Saturday, 8/29/2009

Coffee cup Birmingham NewsUAB anthropologist tries to help Indian band acquire federal tribal status

Birmingham NewsAlabama businesses part of project run by Kentucky contractor

Birmingham NewsWalker County, Alabama bingo halls can remain open, judge rules

Birmingham NewsBirmingham-based 117th Air Refueling Wing sending about 300 airmen to Turkey

Birmingham NewsBirmingham, Alabama pastor Al Sutton seeks racial sensitivity training after Vestavia Hills school incident

Birmingham NewsBessemer police raid bingo hall

Birmingham NewsUAB faculty revives national advocacy group chapter

Birmingham NewsAlabama school board refuses to amend teacher code of ethics

Press-RegisterOrange Beach officials hope to identify old, unmarked graves

Press-RegisterLocal small business owners skeptical of health care reform

Press-RegisterBayou’s recovery from Hurricane Katrina continues 4 years later

Press-RegisterHealth Department offers free prostate screenings

Press-RegisterPrichard Councilman Bracy thwarts burglary

Press-RegisterVets face ‘perfect storm’ of red tape trying to get aid for college

Press-RegisterWolff unable to take Evergreen mayor’s office despite judge’s ruling

Press-RegisterCity’s ‘Worst-Teeth’ ranking is toothless

Huntsville TimesAres chief leaving to rejoin ex-boss

Huntsville TimesCounty struggles to plug pipe leaks

Huntsville TimesCrowd often testy at Griffith town hall

Huntsville TimesTrim 5% of budget, Battle says

Huntsville TimesAlbertville may shift tax cash from schools to City Hall

Huntsville TimesA&M explores ways to cut another $4M

Huntsville TimesAthens works on balancing budgets

Montgomery AdvertiserMonsignor found his path in Selma

Montgomery AdvertiserRiley honors Alabama soldiers in Louisiana bus rescue

Montgomery AdvertiserProsecutors urge court to deny new trial for Siegelman, Scrushy

Montgomery AdvertiserAttorney general reviewing Nationwide plan

Montgomery AdvertiserNew water system in Mobile area to create 100 jobs

Montgomery AdvertiserSalvation Army upgrades will displace 100 homeless

Montgomery AdvertiserO’Rear: Experience a boon to judgeship

Montgomery AdvertiserTeacher files complaint against principal

Montgomery AdvertiserShareholders lose millions in Colonial

Montgomery AdvertiserRANTS AND RAVES: Stimulus for convicts a clunker

Tuscaloosa NewsDetails of police chief’s discrimination complaint revealed

Tuscaloosa NewsT-TOWN: Lincoln High coach, referee at Dothan-Eufaula game die

Tuscaloosa NewsLocal 351 deal boosts economy

Tuscaloosa NewsSchool board should enforce strong ethics

Florence TimesDailyIFDC research to create jobs

Florence TimesDailyCity leaders compose a downtown wish list

Florence TimesDailyFood donations down for local hunger ministry

Anniston StarGiving D.C. a poor grade: The response for Katrina

Gadsden TimesUnion says talks with Goodyear at ‘intense stage’

Gadsden TimesSimms pleased with audit

Gadsden TimesSparks addresses Sierra Club

Opelika-Auburn NewsTrustee nomination raises diversity question

Opelika-Auburn NewsDanny kicks up rough seas along Atlantic coast

Opelika-Auburn NewsTed Little: Need for new constitution arises yet again

New York TimesBowdens Refuse to Take a Knee

Los Angeles TimesA use for kudzu

13 comments to Daily Headlines, Saturday, 8/29/2009

  • Goat Hill

    Senator Larry Means was the one raising hell about the out of state contractor getting the work on Interstate 59 in Etowah County. The reason – Means was and probably still is, on McCartney Construction’s payroll. He wanted the big bucks to go to himself and his buddies at McCartney. Means needs to go back to taking kickbacks from Merchants Capital!

  • …nearly $12 million in kickbacks from Nationwide Retirement Solutions to the Alabama State Employees Association…

    how much went into Mac McArthur’s pocket?

    why does Mac have two reserved parking spaces close to the State House?

    why does Mac have state retirement with RSA?

    why does Mac have state insurance through AEA?

  • watchingeyes

    #2 I just love having to park blocks away from the statehouse & walk by Mac’s 2 reserved spots, when his office is only a block away. I guess he’s too busy counting the $375K he swindled out of state employees’ deferred comp payments.

  • wiregrass18

    #1 and #2. The $6 million they seem eager to repay does not begin to touch the amount of money they took away from the people they are supposed to be looking out for. It also does not touch the excess profits that Nationwide made because ASEA allowed them to levy outrageously high fees on the state employees who participated in this program.

    Perhaps a better way of calculating the amount ASEA and Nationwide should repay would be to look at standard fees, such as those of Vanguard, which run about .0029% on index funds. Vanguard makes a profit on that amount. I would bet that the PEBSCO fees average closer to .01%, about three times what Vanguard charges. These fees are levied each year on all the savings state employees have built up in their deferred comp accounts. They are not just charges when you buy or sell.

    My guess would be that the excess fees charged by Nationwide runs into tens of millions of dollars. Has anyone seen figures on the total amount of money state employees have invested in the PEBSCO funds? That figure would help in running calculations.

  • Jordan

    OC, your post shows you obviously have an axe to grind with Mcarthur that goes way deeper the Nationwide deal. You should call 911 and tell them about those parking spaces.

  • waltm

    Good to see the MOWA are getting some help. Federal recognition has been something they’ve sought for a long time.

  • who gives Mac and his dad those reserved spaces … the city, the legislature, or some other entity?

    I’m guessing the legislature

    do any other “associations” have reserved street parking across from the state house?

    Mac could use the one block walk from his office

    the state insurance and state retirement seem criminal … absolutely ridiculous

  • watchingeyes

    #7 the City of Montgomery doles out reserved parking.

  • JD

    Mac needs two spaces, one for him and the other for the person bringing his kickback.

  • watchingeyes,

    regarding reserved, on-the-street parking around the state house– is this your guess or a statement of 100% fact?

  • The City

    The City of Montgomery does, in fact, give those spaces out because they have to give up metered parking in order to do so. ASEA first got its spaces when Emory Folmar was mayor, and both Bright and Strange have continued the practice. Mac’s elderly father is a tour guide at the Capitol and parks in one of the ASEA spaces almost daily.

  • why the heck would the city give ASEA (or any other association, union, etc) two parking spots?

    shame on Folmar, Bright, and Strange

  • Now wait a second, I thought those Bingo Halls were legal?

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