Message Testing in the Governor’s Race

Outline of Alabama with '2010' written in itThe Ron Sparks team appears to be message-testing, looking for something that will help Sparks gain some ground on Artur Davis in the race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. My first read of what Left in Alabama has on the topic suggests that the Sparks team is exploring Harvard ties, “can’t win in the general,” and maybe some mysterious ACLU connection as possible negatives.

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23 comments to Message Testing in the Governor’s Race

  • anonymous

    Why is Sparks bringing up the “artur can’t win in the general” argument on a poll? Every poll i’ve seen so far (granted, it’s just a handful) shows that Davis can win. And in fact, can win by a much bigger margin than Sparks. Seems like the poll is a bit misleading, from Left in Alabama’s summation.

  • Anonymous

    The best part about this is the loons over at Leftist in Alabama actually believe this is the GOP doing this! Read the comments. They are unintentially hilarious on one level. On another level, I feel sorry for people who constantly think there’s a great conspiracy out there.

  • Bleever

    Let’s all stay focused on the fact that the only polling we have seen is that done by Artur’s team. No one really knows what the ‘real’ numbers say….yet. I’m not quite prepared to call Artur the frontrunner just because Artur says so.

  • JD Hogg

    What’s wrong with Harvard ties? I have one in my closet.

    But seriously, Byrne went to Duke, so I doubt he’s testing an anti-Harvard message. And I doubt any repub is wasting money with the questions about the dept of agriculture and community college (I assume Sparks went to a community college). No Repub expects to be running against Sparks.

    It is clearly Sparks trying to see if the contrast b/w a community-college educated conservative ag commissioner and a Harvard-educated (black) liberal congressman can swing some votes. Probably can, but I doubt enough.

  • Washington Hogwallop

    Not to mention the likes of Folsom, Cobb, and Bedford who were fired up to run and seemed to lose interest after their own polls came back.

  • Actually, #2, I tossed the GOP into the mix because I don’t know who commissioned the polls. Although since the piece went up, we’ve heard from the Davis campaign & the AL GOP that they weren’t responsible – see the updates. The Sparks campaign seems the most likely, but that’s nothing but my opinion.

    Seems like it’s always a good idea to toss out all the relevant possibilities if you don’t have all the facts.

    That’s how the “reality based” community operates. Or should.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, it’s best not to accuse others if you don’t have all the facts, countrycat.

  • anon

    yeah, 8, i tend to agree with you. The “throw all possibilities out if you don’t have the facts” leads to alot of idiotic speculation, and rumors that have no basis in reality. But again, we are speaking of the conspiracy crowd, alot more fun to throw it all in the air and accuse everyone, then deal with the cluster when the facts show how completely assinine your theories were.

  • Goat Hill

    Ronnie Sparks is grasping for straws!! A sinking ship! A lost ball in high weeds!!!!

    He was Charles Bishop’s #2 man in the Dept. of Ag. and he’s bussom buddies with Lowell Barron(both of whom are from DeKalb County). Need I say more?

  • some guy

    Did anyone think Ron Sparks wasn’t going to run a messaging poll? Or that it wouldn’t include questions on Harvard or unelectability?

    And anon #1, I don’t care what the polls say, a key piece of Sparks’ message is that Artur is unelectable, whether it’s true or not.

    Also, 8 and 9, not all speculation is accusation. Get off the high horse.

  • anon

    some guy, the only high horse is you thinking you are relevant.

  • anon

    #6 – I understand Folsom’s polling showed him very able to beat Davis in a primary.

  • anon

    folsom would have beat davis hands down in a primary

  • JD

    Folsom? of the Folsom Wallace PACT Folsoms?

    Folsom? Who sits on the Board of Directors of PACT?

    Just call him Kay Jr.

  • JJ

    Why is Sparks blasting him about college. I am not even sure if Sparks has a 4 year degree.

  • JJ

    Why is Sparks blasting him about college. I am not even sure if Sparks has a 4 year degree.

  • Bleever

    #5 here is a quote from the link that was supposed to “bust my bubble”…..’We didn’t do any polling on the primary.’ ….So let me again say, there are NO polls showing Davis beating sparks EXCEPT those done by Davis himself.

  • Landingham

    To Washington Hogwallop-
    As one of the few who actually saw the polling information relative to head to head matchups between Folsom and Davis that was available to Folsom prior to his decision to run for reelection, I assure you the polling was definitely not the reason Folsom chose not to run in the Democratic primary. In fact, had he run, and had his campaign announced the polling information they were privy to (which has yet to be made public here or elsewhere, and was not any of the polls mentioned as having been done by AEA or other interest groups), the public perception of the race would certainly have been different from what it is today. I realize you may very well choose to take this as not being the truthful statement that it indeed is; that I cannot help. I can only state the facts as they truly are, as opposed to political spin.

  • anonymous

    #18…Not exactly. AEA has done two polls in the last three months showing Davis with a big lead over Sparks. if you have any doubt, ask Gerald Johnson.

    #19…The numbers on Davis v. Folsom tended to vary. AEA had Davis with a double digit lead, Hickman had Folsom Davis dead even.

    to several of the above…No big deal that Sparks would test negatives, but the ones mentioned don’t seem the obvious message to test. What about “voted for the federal bailout”, “supported amnesty for illegal immigrants”. I have a hunch that some third party who is trying to decide whether to play paid for this poll. Stan Pate calling?

  • Mehtrix

    Same old loser politics practiced by perkins in every race.

    Sparks is not ready for primetime. Not even close.

  • anonymous

    An incredibly dumb move by Sparks’ campaign. These are weak negatives, but more fundamentally, if Sparks looks like he is playing any version of the race card, it will revive talk about the race discrimination complaints Sparks was hit with several years ago.

  • Landingham

    To #20-
    And remember that the AEA poll that showed Davis up was not a head to head, but also included David Bronner, Seth Hammett, Ron Sparks, and Mike Dow. If you look at the cross-tabs on those voters, they were more similar to the Folsom voter than they were the Davis voter.

    There was also another poll, still not mentioned here, that was strictly head to head, which I have seen. Suffice it to say that, head to head, Folsom matched up very well against Davis in a primary.

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