HD 6 Election Decided Today

Tonight we’ll know the results from today’s HD 6 special election where Democrat Jenny Askins and Republican Phil Williams vie to replace ousted Democrat Sue Schmitz. Folks who have seen AEA’s polling last week say that it shows Askins closing within single digits of Williams, but I don’t know anyone on either side who wouldn’t be surprised if Askins wins.

Her campaign has been low key, she has been outpaced in fundraising, and even some Democrats have been surprised that she had not maintained a higher profile in the race.

She took some expected hits from Republicans for ducking a debate with Williams. I can’t really fault her for not debating. Ducking a debate doesn’t put her in a great light, but candidates act in their own interests; if she thought a debate would have helped her get elected, she would have debated. Of course, you can’t fault those who offer brickbats and highlight her refusal either.

Flier for Jenny AskinsWe have the usual caveat that in a special election, turnout is low enough that the unexpected could happen. Democratic GOTV guru Steve Raby is at the helms of Askins’ campaign, and I hear the buses are running today.

BTW, any misspelling or typo in a campaign flier is unfortunate, but if the flier is talking up your support of education in particular, don’t let your proofreader wander off. The highlighted part of this mailer from the Democratic Party says that Jenny Askins “Supports teachers and education employees and has recieved [sic] the support of hard-working Madison teachers.”

Ouch. Click on the image to see it larger.

17 comments to HD 6 Election Decided Today

  • Brian Johnson

    I live in HD6, and I’m voting for Jenny Askins because Phil is the same landed gentry Republican ALFA wants to shove down our throats. He’s a lot like Wayne Parker (minus the screed) and he’s worn jorts at least three times during the campaign – he was at an event and I think I saw him leave a fanny pack in his truck as he got out.

    This little back and forth about Paul Hubbert as the Un-elected Governor of Alabama hemorraging the influence of the powerful Republicans has to stop. Hubbert has one goal, protect his union members – the end. So, apparently it’s a big power play – teachers vs. landed Aerospace high-tech gentry.

  • Lyn Johnson

    The flyier must have ben ritten by a publick skool teacher member of the AEA.

  • princeliberty

    The bigger problem is that she is bragged about her support the current teacher tenure in Alabama which is protecting bad teachers and doing nothing to help good ones.

    So if that is her idea of helping make education in Alabama better – then Good Grief!

    Sounds more like Hubbert pulls her strings.

    Yet any larger problem. The biggest thing hurting Alabama is our poor public school system and nobody is doing more to keept it poor than Mr. Hubbert.

    Paul Hubbert – Holding down the State of Alabama for decades and counting.

    Generations of childern have their lives harmed by going to bad schools and Hubbert only been concerned about his own power.

    Hubbert is the number one villian in Alabama had been all my life.

    The media of the State just laughs and admires him for gaining so much power.

    But the media never ask what has he done with said power?

  • walt moffett

    Labor vs. Capital, don’t believe thats been a election theme in Alabama since days of Mother Jones in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham.

  • Eugene

    The GOP thinks they are really smart to point out this misspelling, but that’s a typical style over substance fallacy. Who’s more stupider??

  • John

    #1, don’t landed gentry usually shy away from jorts and fanny packs? Pick a message and stick with it.

  • M

    That’s the party for you!

  • JD

    Williams wins big

  • JD

    Williams 62%

  • JD

    Williams 2593. Askins 1614

  • Thunder3325

    Hmmm, 2 straight wins for the GOP in special election House races. A harbinger of things to come next year?

  • anon

    ballgame boys and girls. 62-38 should be the final, or close to it. Umm, Democrats might want to rethink the ‘ole “we only knock on doors and don’t really tell people what we will do to help the district” strategy.

  • Mark

    Askins might be the most mentally deficient candidate I have ever seen in any political party.

  • Buford Ellington Hill

    Democrats can put their heads between their legs and kiss the days of power and corruption goodbye!

  • Anonymous

    I think Democrats need to find some new blood to work their campaigns. Using the same folks again and again is not working.

  • anonymous

    Ditto to 14, this campaign and the Hall race were huge blunders by overrated local operatives who don’t have a clue about message politics. Either Davis or Sparks is headed for the same fate…that’s right, either one of them… unless they put together a tougher, far more sophisticated campaign than the get out the base model on display in these legislative races.

  • Mullet

    The best hope for Democrats is for Republican candidates to hire Chris Brown as their campaign consultant.

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