Byrne & Davis Strongest in New Poll for 2010 Governor’s Race

Tallying on a chalk boardPublic Policy Polling polled head-to-head matchups (.pdf) for the 2010 Alabama governor’s race. Republican candidate Bradley Byrne leads Democrats Artur Davis (39-35) and Ron Sparks (41-27). The margin of error is +/- 3.8%.

Davis leads all other Republicans: 41-38 against Roy Moore, 37-35 vs. Tim James, and 39-31 over Kay Ivey. (The first two are within the margin of error.) With Davis showing “only” a 68-10 lead among African-Americans in the Byrne matchup, he has to be eying the undecided 22% and figuring to get the lion’s share.

No primary matchups were polled.

On its website, Public Policy Polling writes, “Given the wealth of strong candidates and how tightly bunched they are in this early polling it looks like this has the potential to be one of the more competitive races in the country next year.”

70 comments to Byrne & Davis Strongest in New Poll for 2010 Governor’s Race

  • FactFinder

    Can’t believe you don’t see it. Oh well. Gotta go play with grownups.

  • anonymous

    It isn’t there. You just made it up.

  • 2010

    yes it is way, way too early to make predictions but the james folks better hope post 42 is off by more than just a little. surely james will beat out moore. i mean dam*. yes, I support byrne and hope he is the GOP nominee but I also hope voters have more sense that to put moore 2d in the GOP primary……….

  • anonymous

    Can’t back it up, can you FF? Bet that happens to you a lot.

  • anonymous

    It’s 1:09 and Factfinder still has not cited the “bad crosstab” for James from the poll he made a point of asserting was there. Who wants to bet he can’t?

    I can cite some very good ones for James. He beats Byrne with black voters and Kay Ivey with moderates. That wasn’t hard – the numbers are right there. Where are you FF?

  • Baudrillard

    Anonymous, lay off the coffee for an hour or so.

  • anonymous

    Hey BD he made an assertion. He should be able to back it up.

    I don’t think he can and I would like for him to look at those numbers and tell me where there is a big bad crosstab, because I don’t think there is. I think he just popped off with unadulterated BS and I’d like to hold his feet to the fire for awhile. To quote Charlie Hrper, “It amuses me.”

  • 2010

    the anon pro James posts on here are annoying. at least think of a name and stick to it. it makes me think the james campaign staff is working this board a little to heavy.

    anyway, interesting story on artur. no doubt he will raise a lot, if not most of his cash from out of state interests. amazing how he tries to spin that in to saying in state interests will not give him money because they know they cannot control him. Gimme a break!

  • anonymous

    2010 I don’t know that the posts are pro-James. Factfinder made a very direct assertion that “there was bad news in the crosstabs” for James.

    He was asked to cite a single point of reference for that assertion. He either could not or would not; it is certain that he DID not.

    I think uncorroborated statements on a blog claiming the weight of truth should be challenged then they can be wither supported or shown to be poppycock. It is not my fault that Factfinder could not substantiate his assertion. He should be more careful in his statements.

  • Baudrillard

    Hey, Anon, isn’t it possible that FF had to get back to his day job? Many of us don’t get paid to patrol this site, or any other for that matter. Cut him some slack.

  • anonymous

    No, BD. I don’t think he could support what he posted. It wouldn’t have taken more than 10 seconds to do if he actually could do it, and looking at the actual crosstabs it appears there is no way he could support a clearly (excuse the expression) “fact-free” post.

  • Chef

    Hey Anonymous poster…give it a break. Seriously, you are arguing about a poll that has come out 1 YEAR BEFORE THE PRIMARIES (not to mention before we know if this is the final field of candidates or not). The campaign is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. Like Danny said, this is a decent SNAPSHOT of the race TODAY, not tomorrow, and certainly not a year from now.

  • Lyn Johnson

    James has staff assigned to each of the other candidates and they post through the day.

  • CC Dollar

    i would hate to get paid to post…takes all the fun out of it and you can’t change your mind…i like to walk the fence unless i firmly believe in something or someone…

  • 2010

    I agree – if I was paid to post I think I would be bored. Plus, no one is going to pay me to think a certain way!

  • anonymous

    Lyn you are wrong. Not the first time either. By a long long shot.

  • Baudrillard

    If Lyn is right, it’s going to be a long campaign season.

  • anonymous

    Lyn isn’t right, BD.

  • Big Al

    Word at the Capitol is that Susan Parker was approached to run for Governor by Democratic operatives. I heard she was polite but did not express much interest, saying she needed to finish the job she had started at the PSC. She said she would have an answer when she gets back from vacation. Does anyone know when that is?

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