Albritton and Keahey in SD 22 Special Election Today

The Greg Albritton (R) and Marc Keahey (D) special election in Senate District 22 is the story for today.

One observer who wishes to stay anonymous says in email:

A lot of money and toil are being expended on behalf of keahey and albritton – gop party staff and dem party/trial/aea staff are all down there. Have heard grumblings @ lack of planning on the keahey side – tons of money on tv and none for election day. I am not exactly sure what all the people are down there doing, as none are known to me as gotv experts.

The word on dem side is that Hall is in better shape than expected, and probably has a better chance of winning than keahey.

A Montgomery Democrat tells the Parlor that there has been some natural tightening in the race, that the district probably leans Democrat 5 or 6 points. The Montgomery Dem believes that early polls showing Keahey up big weren’t realistic, but that Democrats still seem to think Keahey is likely to win.

Of course, it is a special election, so turnout will be low, and that means much larger potential for the unexpected. I do know that at least some Republicans are very hopeful about the race.

The Montgomery Democrat confirmed that AEA and the state Democratic Party had people going door-to-door, and added the observation that it’s a large, rural district that is not an easy one for a good ground operation.

26 comments to Albritton and Keahey in SD 22 Special Election Today

  • anonymous

    dem district, keahey was able to generate loads of special interest money, don’t see it happening for albritton. you have to look at just how bad albritton was overmatched financially. and dems have a base that is easily to motivate and easy to pick up to take to the polls. they don’t need gotv, they need wttb (walk to the bus)

  • Mr. Jinks

    I don’t know anyone who expects Albritton to win. In fact, it would be quite a feat if he did. A coup for the state GOP heading into SD 7 and 2010, no doubt. It may also be an example of how different wings of the party can work together instead of against each other to win elections.

    If Keahey wins, I don’t think there’s any significant news there except that the AEA machine still works.

  • Brian Johnson

    I heard Jumpin’ Joe Turnham has been down in 22 working to get out the ones who want to Lead with Their Knees, a sermon here a sermon there in the black churches – and it’s GOTV. Although, he may be raising money…or not.

    This is why Dems. hold the majority, they connect with common people. You know instead of governing from their ivory towers or pushing the landed gentry into the legislature.

  • JD

    Any turnout numbers for the Counties?

  • 2010

    Post 3 – so you think it is a great thing that Dems go to black neighborhoods and churches and get pastors to tell their congregations who to vote for? If so, why not tell the whole story that more times than not, money also exchanges hands. Have you not heard of “walking around money” that is given to pastors and other coomunity activist? You know, they have expenses after all, as they promote a certain candidate. And please, cash only. Wow – atleast you promote it and say it is great that dems “connect with the common people…”

  • SamfordDem

    Doesn’t sound like a whole lot of confidence on the part of GOPers

  • Faster than most

    As a Republican I have completely lost any faith in the party. If you saw any of the ads for s7 or s22 then you understand why I have lost faith, but this goes back much further. The ALGOP has lost all identity. We stand for nothing except how awful the democrats are – HELLO Alabama voted three United States Congressmen in to office – wake up a lot of these people we want to vote for us ARE OK with the democrats.

    Riley put Hubbard in the chairman spot, and I’m not saying Twink was much better but Hubbard has got to go. Roger McConnell and Winton did more for the party than any others in my opinion and we would be lucky if one of them volunteered to come clean up the mess.

    Looking back Hubbard created the Bright victory because he didn’t reach out or even attempt to manage Smith AFTER he directed the party to stick their nose in the primary and attempt to put a cloud over her campaign. I am so disappointed that our party has become nothing more than a bullhorn of negatives. We espouse no reason to vote republican during an elections – but we can put out a volume of reasons to vote against any democrat!

    I predict that we lose SD7 and for that matter I predict we will go 0-3 in special senate races this summer. There is no fire or coordination at the party by the chairman. Those kids up there are lost. Mike is worried about his business, his finances (poor investment decisions and sending party business to his mail and advertising company) as well as his maintaining his legislative leadership position- if he were honest with us he would step down and bring in a dragon to breath some fire into our people who have this belief that the republicans are riding high in Alabama – WAKE UP FOLKS we are a bunch of losers who need a bear bryant to make winners out of us!!!

    Hubbard must go or we will have no chance to take any part of the legislature in 2010 and for that matter we will be lucky to win the governor’s race and we are being spotted 10 points.

  • Brian Johnson

    Mike Hubbard is a quadruple-dipper and a Republican commenter just affirmed it.

    How far the mighty have fallen!

    BTW, Keahey wins SD 22 by 15-20…Baldwin numbers still out there…

  • phillip

    I’m hearing Keahey is the winner

  • Anonymous

    #7 – What a sleazy, baseless attack on Mike Hubbard. If you think Harri Anne would’ve listened to Mike or anyone else, you don’t have a clue. Mike’s fundraising work for 2010 is unequalled — by Winton, Roger, Twinkle, or anyone else. At the end of the day, that dragon you want needs to breath money into the effort, not fire. Fire is cheap — as you can see from the hot air on internet blogs.

  • Anonymous

    Tell Mike Hubbard to stop taking money from the party and he might do a better job of winning some races. I agree with number #7 an executive member told me he gets millions in mail and media placements from the party and candidates. How can he be focused on what is best for the party if he is also a vendor to the party?

  • 2010

    comment 7 – you are an idiot if you think hubbard or the AL GOP had anything to do with the way smith acted in the congressional race. she acted on her own – she went negative first – then she endorsed a dem out of spite after the party refused to pay down her debt for her. she was a bitter and sore loser and to be honest – folks in dothan are counting the days until she is gone in 2010….and believe me…she will lose.

  • Faster than most

    Ask Mike if he ever called Harri Anne to work things out with the party to endorse our candidate. If YOU were the party chairman wouldn’t you have atleast reached out to her knowing she was pissed? Would you have even given it a shot? Don’t believe me, call Harri Anne, I did. I know that he NEVER called her. Mr. Ego, oh no.

  • William

    I didn’t get to see the spots. What was the problem with them?

  • Mullet

    I have not seen the ads but if Chris Brown was behind the ads, I’m sure that he called Keahey a liberal Democrat and thought that would win. That’s his playbook in every campaign. And most of those are losing campaigns.

  • anonymous

    one can only assume that anyone blasting the party for this loss is either scared or mad because they are not relevant in the algop any longer. the bottom line is that republican voters in clarke, washington, choctaw and mobile were not convinced to vote for greg albritton, and that isn’t the fault of the gop. guys, wake up, blaming the party for a candidate/campaign failure is a losing argument. the voters actually did turnout, contrary to what anyone may tell you. but damn if they just didn’t believe the brown/beason message.

  • Mark

    It’s kind of hard to paint Keahy as a liberal when the NRA endorses Keahy.

  • Anonymous

    Amen #16. I’m afraid this race was lost for the GOP when Sheldon Day decided not to run.

  • William

    Who’s job is it to create message? Is it the party’s only job to get out the vote? A 60/40 loss in this district with two House members is pitiful. There is plenty of blame to go around. NOT a good start for 2010.

  • anonymous

    Beason/brown message? Waht voter turn out? Less than 800 in baldwin. Couldn’t carry mobile? I’m reading the news and the probate website and I’m simply not finding this turnout. I’m disappointed but let’s not go talking about any good job in turning out the vote. If you knew you had to beat AEA, trial and milton in a heavy minority/democrat district wouldn’t you have come with your A game?

  • anonymous

    #19 – A candidate’s message is developed and dictated by his/her consultants. The Party’s job is to reinforce the candidate’s message. Politics 101.

  • anonymous

    Hey 21, then why did the party make and place the attack ad and use the exact same message against Hall? Why have del marsh and others in the party and legislative leadership been telling everyone that payraise was the issue for 2010? You are right, what you described IS politics 101, until you meet the republican party of Alabama who knows better than everyone else, but just can’t seem to win :(

  • anonymous

    The only answser is that I guess candidates must let voters know why to vote for them, seems that might be as important as why not to vote for the other guy.

  • 2010

    Post 13 – you shouldn’t believe a word that comes out of Harri Anne’s mouth. No one else does….. She is good at shopping an endorsement around though….I’ll give her that. See you later Harri…….gone for good come 2010.

  • dylan

    There, seems like everyone got all of this off of their chests…feel better? Ok, good. Y’all play nice now, ya hear!

  • gobama

    We are just a bunch of teddy bears in real life. I wish I had been here to read all of this last night. While I don’t know about getting anything off their chest, I would have to say if the republicans don’t win the special in the Huntsville Senate District, I think someone needs to be resigning. I don’t know who at the algop is calling the shots, Hubard or Ross or who – but you can’t blame all these losses on the candidate and the consultant. If you think this week was bad, a loss next week and this will look like childs play based on what I read on the internet and heard from people on the phone today. BTW I heard today that yesterday delivered 1 of the 3 more votes Milton needs to change the slot machine statute in the Senate, legalizing electronic bingo and preventing the supreme court from stopping it. Bad news all around if you ask me.

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