Sessions to be Ranking GOPer on Senate Judiciary

U.S. Senator Jeff SessionsThe Hill reports that Sen. Jeff Sessions struck a deal to be the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee for the remainder of the 111th Congress, and to trade that away to be the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee for the 112th Congress (all pending a vote among Judiciary Committee Republicans, as well as the Senate GOP caucus.)

The Senator could be the heavyweight some GOP’ers have been looking for in the Governor’s race, and he has been the object of a recruiting effort to play the part. At first blush, this deal involving the next Congress puts the idea to rest. However, Sessions gets now the position he prefers (Judiciary) for one later that is not as much to his liking (Budget), according to multiple observers. Might he still walk away for a chance to be Governor after his stint on the Judiciary Committee?

On the negative side, why leave a safe seat for an election that is not a sure thing? And for bigger headaches if he wins the Governorship? As my email inbox put it…

With Sessions finally building seniority in DC and now apparently moving up higher on the Judiciary Committee why in the world would he want to come back home to a term limited job that is one of the hardest in the political world? Also, on a side note if you look back at history around the country US Senators have almost never left their seat to run for governor. The reason for that is it is a step down for most of them.

On the other hand, he would be an extremely strong candidate and would bring a nice warchest to the race. Being Governor of a red state has to have more fun aspects to it than being part of a small minority in the Senate. It would be “a nice cap on a strong career,” as another reader put it.

And, fwiw, I imagine that a contentious hearing over Obama’s Supreme Court nominee would only raise his stock in Alabama.

Murmurs, murmurs, we hear murmurs. Predictions anyone?

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20 comments to Sessions to be Ranking GOPer on Senate Judiciary

  • Baudrillard

    Davis vs. Sessions would make an interesting race. Would likely come down to who was less “Washington, more Alabama.” And with Sessions presiding over a hot judicial nomination, his prosects would bear an inverse relation to Obama’s favorability rating in 2010.

    Also, expect Obama to hit the stump down here if Davis is the nominee, which would make the “less Washington, more Alabama” narrative more difficult for Davis. On the other hand, Obama would build Davis’s warchest to a size we have never seen in a gubernatorial race. I’ve heard that it could easily surpass Riley’s 15 mil in 02.

  • William

    He’ll stay in DC. Congrats to Sessions on the new post – I look forward to him being a leading voice for conservatism in the upcoming Supreme Court battles.

  • Mullet

    I hope he stays in D.C. Although Senator Sessions would make a fantastic Governor, he can do more for the conservative cause by trying to prevent liberals from becoming federal judges.

  • SamfordDem

    Considering Sessions’ checkered history on race relations, a race between him and Davis would be nothing if not entertaining.

  • Gunney Highway

    Yep, here’s to Sen. Session furthering the conservative cause. Given his inability to further much of anything, I doubt too many liberals are rescinding their judgeship applications.

    The silver lining in all of this for liberals is that Republicans have once again found it in themselves to place another incapable, inarticulate jack-leg remiss of any political skills into one of their few remaining posts of any influence. Nice choice. His reactionary redneck rhetoric will make for bountiful talk show fodder and multiple nationwide embarrassments for Alabama.

    I will give Sessions this: the odds of a sitting U.S. senator using the “n” word during the confirmation of a United States Supreme Court Justice just crested the morning line on I Want Revenge before he scratched on Derby Day.

    The last I’d even heard of Sessions, and I live in Alabama, was about his participation in the legislative circle-jerk over the Fairness Doctrine. Has that dead horse fed enough fools yet?

    Now are you guys kidding me? Are there really people pushing Sessions for governor?

  • Willie

    Davis would blow Beauregard away in a debate. A quick mind is not one of Sessions’ biggest attributes

  • Anonymous

    >>Considering Sessions’ checkered history on race relations

    Samford Dem, what is that supposed to mean?

  • JD Hogg

    Sessions’ only “checkered history” is that he was willing to prosecute rampant voter fraud in black counties.

  • dylan

    samforddem, you are mistaken. hmm, sessions won in montgomery county, mobile county and barely lost jefferson…AGAINST A BLACK WOMAN! Sessions is popular in the black community

  • Rusty Shackleford

    let’s clone him and have him in both offices

  • William

    Don’t give them any ideas.

  • 2010

    dylan – u are wrong about mgm county. sessions lost it during the last election. the surge in obama driven straight ticket dems beat sessions and every other Rep. in Montgomery County. It is the reason, in large part, Bright was elected to Congress

  • 2010

    and by the way – NO WAY sessions would leave the senate to run for governor. it is usually the other way around – folks run for senate after being governor…. if sessions was miserable in DC or something i would give it a second thought but those signs are not there. he is in the senate for as long as he wants to be…and i think he wants to stay.

  • SamfordDem

    Oh I don’t know. Let’s just consider some of Sessions past comments that came up during his Senate judicial confirmation hearing. He once said he “used to think they [the Klan] were OK” until he found out some of them were “pot smokers.” He said the statement was in jest.

    He called a white civil rights lawyer a “disgrace to his race” for arguing a voting case. Sessions has also acknowledged this and many other statements but he claimed they were jokes when he was “loose with his tongue.” He called SCLC, the NAACP, and the National Council of Churches “Un-American” organizations because they “involve themselves in promoting un-American positions.”

    And, finally, he called a black US Attorney “boy” and told him to “be careful what you say to white folks.”

  • dylan

    Don’t think I am wrong 2010, if I am then sorry. Samforddem, please cite your quotes. Thanks

  • Numbers

    Sessions lost Montgomery County by 11%.

  • Anonymous Lucy

    Bob Dylan – Vivian Figures was the only Democratic candidate local or statewide to lose Jefferson County.

    Not because Sessions is popular in Jefferson County, but because Figures set foot in Jefferson County twice between the primary and the general. And each time she made Democratic party folks mad. Oh and she was in a public feud with Artur which didn’t help.

  • del

    As I said in another post, the Sessions rumors are real enough to be a reason Cobb is backing up (along with polls and Jere Beasley). No. 1 is right, a Sessions v. Davis race would rake in money in and out of state. Davis would be an underdog but I see him having the money and advertising to turn it close.

  • princeliberty

    Davis is crazy if wants Obama down here.

  • dylan

    I hope davis and obama run a statewide tour together.and I was mistaken on mtgmy county thanks for the correction. Samford: you throw out 2nd hand hear say quotes,that were “alledged,”make them seem as if you pulled them from the new york times attributed to sessions. Just not a good path to go down when trying to label someone a racist, but hey, dems love ‘em a race card!

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