Daily Headlines, Thursday, 11/27/2008

Birmingham NewsThanks to Habitat for Humanity, Birmingham families now have homes for the holidays

Birmingham NewsThanksgiving a time of unity for all, Birmingham clergy members tell interfaith service

Birmingham NewsFormer Jackson-Olin coach wants to extend U.S. supervision in gender bias case

Birmingham NewsBirmingham law firm recommended for Jefferson County lobbying contract helped with anti-bankruptcy forum

Birmingham NewsThree judges with experience in politically charged cases named to hear appeals of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman and HealthSouth founder Richard Scrushy

Birmingham NewsJudge names special masters as mediators

Birmingham NewsU.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus becoming strong critic of way Bush handling financial crisis

Birmingham NewsBirmingham Mayor Larry Langford hires 13-year-old Raven Hatcher as park consultant

Birmingham NewsComplaint to SACS against Hoover, Ala., schools tentatively resolved

Birmingham NewsFairfield occupational tax was improperly passed and will have to be voted on again

Birmingham NewsJefferson County Republicans want Collins to reverse Jefferson County Commission reorganization that shifted power to Democrats

Birmingham NewsJudge sets deadlines for Birmingham to correct computer compatibility problems with the Jefferson County Personnel Board

Birmingham NewsJudge to rule on legality of Jefferson County occupational tax

Birmingham NewsTwo rainy day accounts take effect after Alabama’s election results certified

Birmingham NewsEconomic crisis won’t stop those who view post-Thanksgiving shopping as a tradition

Birmingham NewsSome Alabama banks avoid federal bailout money

Birmingham NewsThanksgiving blessings

Press-RegisterBaldwin schools consider job cuts

Press-RegisterFamily turns to Press-Register’s Neediest Families campaign for help

Press-RegisterGiving thanks for longer lives through Cancer Institute

Press-RegisterObama’s right on playoffs

Press-RegisterTax reform the best way to help the poor

Huntsville TimesLaidlaw, victims’ families settle suits

Huntsville TimesCity receives Justice Dept. OK to merge 10 schools

Huntsville TimesBush pardon recipient feels ‘very lucky’

Huntsville TimesAlabama’s economy is reason for thanks

Huntsville TimesHappy Thanksgiving

Montgomery AdvertiserSparks critical of livestock tax plan

Montgomery AdvertiserReese honored for work during civil rights movement

Montgomery AdvertiserThyssenKrupp plans two job fairs

Montgomery AdvertiserGee’s Bend quilters to hold reception

Tuscaloosa NewsJoyful thanks for the blessings of each day

Tuscaloosa NewsSewer line dispute costs taxpayers

Florence Times DailyThanksgiving celebrations share many names, cultures

Anniston StarThe words of Thanksgiving

Decatur Daily No more sticker shock for nuclear

3 comments to Daily Headlines, Thursday, 11/27/2008

  • Anonymous

    Larry Langford paying the young girl $10,000 is ridiculous. Nothing against the young girl who may very well have great ideas, but this is yet another classic example of Langford being a free spender of tax money to advance his personal love affair with his own ego. At the rate the City of Birmingham and the Jefferson County Commission are going we all will be working longer each year in order to pay for their lack of financial restraint.

  • 2014

    Again, the silence from the state party continues to amaze me. If this was Paul Hubbert involving himself in local Republican politics, Mike Hubbard would be screaming at the top of his lungs about “union boss” Paul Hubbert. Why is there no response from the state party on this blatant misuse of power by Betty Collins. Again, if AEA was involved, there would be press releases and mass communications all over the state condemning AEA but so far, not one peep out of the Republican Party leadership condemning Mrs Collins. What a bunch of hypocrisy… Step up to the plate Hubbard and Executive Committee. Where’s your courage or convictions now??? It’s easy to use the same old tired message against the evils of AEA and the “special interests groups” but where are your convictions now?? You know what she is doing is wrong and a slap in the face to every Republican in Jefferson county (actually the whole state) but you are turning your backs on the very issue and principles that you say you stand for.. Hypocrites !! Every one of you……

  • As Reality Sits In

    Yeah, thats right and you tell em bout it!

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