News from the Campaign Trails

Let’s clear out some bits that have stacked up this week while I have been otherwise busy…

  • CQ Politics moved the AL-02 race between Democrat Bobby Bright and Republican Jay Love from “Leans Republican” to “No Clear Winner.”
  • The Rothenberg Political Report also moved the race to “pure toss up.”
  • Gov. Bob Riley came to Huntsville this week to endorse Wayne Parker in his AL-05 race against Democrat Parker Griffith. No doubt this is a good thing, though Alabama politicos will tell you that the next Riley-endorsed candidate to win an election may be the first.
  • According to a release from the NRCC, Fox News has noted that the NRCC is unhappy about WAAY pulling its ad: Fox News Channel’s Mike Emanuel says, “Well the NRCC that sponsored the ad calls the action of pulling the ad ‘obscene’ and claims the TV station is covering for the Democrat in the race by refusing to run an ad the other three TV stations in Huntsville are airing.”

More to come…

2 comments to News from the Campaign Trails

  • anonymous

    An interesting tip on the 3rd District race. A Dem insider says that AEA’s numbers have Segall falling back and that there is an independent poll showing Rogers back up to an 11 point lead. That’s why DCCC has not made a last minute buy here.

  • walt moffett

    Rumors are nice but facts have a crunch and aroma all their own.

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