Christian Coalition of Alabama & the AL-05 Race

Dr. Randy BrinsonIn the AL-05 race, the Christian Coalition of Alabama does not care for the “Misleading Attack Ads By Casino-Funded Freedom’s Watch,” according to a Friday release from CCA Chairman Randy Brinson. Freedom’s Watch ran the ads against Democratic candidate Parker Griffith on behalf of Republican Wayne Parker.

It’s hard to know what to excerpt from their release, as it is all pretty interesting reading. Some will nods their heads in agreement, others will be incensed.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

Given the nature of the attacks on Griffith, it is especially important to note that the person funding and directing the decisions at Freedom’s Watch is casino baron, Sheldon Adelson. Adelson has made billions of dollars in the Las Vegas casino industry and through his investments in China. His casinos have been fined $1 million for rigging games; he is under investigation by the federal government for coercing employees into giving up health insurance; and he spearhead and funded the lobbying effort to secure the Olympics for China in the face of the public outcry over China’s human rights record and persecution of Christian missionaries.


Our hope is that this Congressional race will be determined on the issues that concern all Christians, particularly issues of preservation of life and preservation of the traditional family. We would welcome a conversation by Wayne Parker and Parker Griffith that focused on these more important issues to the people of the fifth district.

You can read it all here.

Randy Brinson, the head of the CCA, interviewed Parker Griffith, and you can see video from that interview here.

This is not your father’s CCA.

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55 comments to Christian Coalition of Alabama & the AL-05 Race

  • Anonymous

    Considering that Randy Brinson is a wholey owned subsidiary of Milton McGregor and has been the front man for expanding gambling in Alabama for a few years now, just the utter hypocricy alone here is laughable. The fact that its absurd and false is secondary.

  • Anonymous

    Parker Griffith opposed Milton McGregor’s gambling bill (and opposes all forms of gambling). I don’t know where Randy Brinson stands, but I am proud of the leadership Griffith has shown on issues important to Christians.

  • Anonymous

    This is absolutely unbelievable. The average person will not know that the Christian Coalition of Alabama separated from the national organization and is now a left-wing shill.

    A simple Google search will reveal a treasure trove of the pathetic left-wing ties that the Christian Coalition of Alabama aligns itself with.

    The above poster is also correct. The CC of A actually is caught in its own web of gambling and has no business shilling for Parker Griffith at all. To say this is hypocrisy would even give hypocrisy a good name.

  • Anonymous

    I hear Parker Griffith is getting a large chunk of the Baptist vote (largely due to his pro-life positions and his effective opposition to gambling). This has to concern Wayne Parker.

  • Anonymous

    The Christian Coalition is one of the most conservative groups in the state and nation. This is huge for Parker Griffith. It shows that he has a very strong christian, conservative following.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting statement by the Christian Coalition. It just shows how far out there Wayne Parker’s cronies have gone.

  • Anonymous

    The last few posts have absolutely no idea what they are talking about because 1. they are Griffith campaign workers and are flooding the blog 2. did not bother to Google search the Democrat ties to CC of A 3. are drowning under Griffith’s lies and desperate.

    The Christian Coalition of Alabama has absolutely nothing to do with the national organization.

  • Anonymous

    Wayne Parker has always maintained that he is pro-life.

    Parker Griffith has the support of ACOG, the partial-birth abortion supporting left-wing obstetricians.

    The DCCC, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel and the usual crowd of left-wing social “progressives” who have donated thousands upon thousands of dollars to Griffith’s campaign are all on the record as being pro-choice. Follow the money trail. Don’t think Parker Griffith will be returning any of that money.

  • Anonymous

    Of course since Brinson aligned with McGregor on the Senate gambling bill last session to help fund Medicaid for folks he is now a “shill” for the left wing. Right.

    Pretty much in this state, if you’re not in the bag for the extreme right wing of the GOP, then you’re a Nancy Pelosi loving liberal. Remarkably uncreative message and a side reason why we are losing CD2.

    And who again is lining their pockets with out of state gaming interests each legislative session?

    Hint: It’s not the democrats.

    Shhhhh don’t talk about that.

  • Anonymous

    Just pulled this from a simple Google search, one of many. It is from a story dated April 16, 2007

    “Some legislators expressed surprise when the new chairman of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, Randy Brinson, spoke out recently in favor of a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize electronic bingo machines at greyhound race tracks in Mobile and Birmingham.”

    Here is the link:

    Can you say hypocrisy?

  • Anonymous

    Joe Turnham is the vice chairman of Brinson’s organization. “nuff said”

  • Anonymous

    The Christian Coalition has always been a strong group for pro-life Christians. This is true thoughout the nation and in Albama. I am appalled that some people posting want to try to discredit such a fine organization.

  • Anonymous

    Randy Brinson sold his soul to the Democrat Party. Just read this story from Washington Monthly:

  • Anonymous

    Christian Coalition = pro-life, anti-gambling values. Same as Parker Griffith. Nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    Randy Brinson is a Christian leader in this state. His record on pro-life issues speaks for itself.

  • Anonymous

    I am appalled that the Griffith campaign is conveniently ignoring the gambling hypocrisy by the Christian Coalition of Alabama and condemning the ads when their own ads, funded by the DCCC and the gang, tout a pro-life stance that those behind the money do not hold.

  • Anonymous

    Randy Brinson’s own hypocritical support of gambling speaks for itself, “nuff said.”

  • Anonymous in #3 and Anonymous in 7

    Someone here is confused, and I could be the one, but…

    On what basis do you say, “The Christian Coalition of Alabama has absolutely nothing to do with the national organization.”

    The national Christian Coalition announced Randy Brinson’s selection as the new state chairman of the Christian Coalition of Alabama. This is from a cache of a Montgomery Advertiser article (December, 2006):

    A Montgomery doctor and chairman of a religious get-out-the-vote organization is the new state chairman of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, the coalition’s national organization confirmed Thursday.

    Randy Brinson said leaders at the Christian Coalition of America had been courting him for the position for several months and he accepted the position a few days ago.

    “Randy is a very compassionate person and he’s very dedicated to family values issues, so we’re very excited to have him on board,” said Roberta Combs, president of the Christian Coalition of America.

    Has the Christian Coalition of Alabama left the national organization since Randy Brinson was named state chairman? Do you have a source or link on that?



  • Anonymous

    Sorry Danny, that’s my bad, I based it the factions when Giles departed because the Christian Coalition had become too “left-wing” while technically the CC of A is under the national group.

  • Anonymous

    The Christian Coalition of Alabama has absolutely nothing to do with the national organization. They also lashed out in the AL 02 race against Freedom’s watch and Jay Love. They are a fringe group and pathetic. It is mis leading that folks think they are still part of the national, well respected Christian Coalition.

  • Anonymous

    This ain’t your Daddy’s Christian Coalition.

  • Anonymous

    Now I’m confused too….seems like this group did splinter from the national organization??? I will have to do some research on that myself…

  • Anonymous

    I think another important thing to note is that there is no evidence that Wayne Parker was ever quoted, talked to, or even asked about his side of this.

    Wayne Parker is mentioned nowhere in the press release, nowhere in the news story and per the release, was not asked for his version of the event.

    Wayne has maintained every time that he most certainly heard what Parker Griffith said, and he also said that the full audio is factual.

    That in and of itself shows that the organization did not bother to even try to be impartial.

  • JD

    McGregor bought this version of the Christian Coalition and put in Brinson to protect his gambling interest.

    Only on the Pro Life issue does this group resemble the old Alabama group.

  • It is a confusing story, but my understanding is that this is part of the national Christian Coalition. When John Giles was head of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, he/they/it left the national group to form their own group. That is why there was an opening for Brinson to be named state chairman of the Christian Coalition of Alabama.

  • Rob

    The Alabama Christian Coalition has a long history of protecting gambling interests, going back to when John Giles and cronies got caught taking out-of-state gambling money to oppose the lottery in Alabama.

    It’s laughable to say that the old Alabama Christian Coalition is somehow more honorable than this version.

  • Anonymous

    Rob is right. Both state groups (and I am now confused as to who the real Christian folks in the vein of Pat Robertson are anymore between these two) have had their hands in the gambling cookie jar. Therefore, the condemning of these ads makes no sense because they are all knee deep in the gambling dollars.

    Which goes back to the original statement that it is hypocrisy to condemn these ads.

    And also, where is Wayne Parker’s version of this story if the story is to be accurate and not just an agenda by this organization?

  • Anonymous

    They did the same thing in the Love / Bright race. This guy loves Democrats.

  • Anonymous

    When Joe Turnham is running your Board, you don’t “love” dems, you ARE a Dem.

  • Anonymous

    To say Randy Brinson is left-wing or even a democrat in any form is laughable. The man has just finished debating Artur Davis in a high-profile forum. He is one of the most consistent voices against gay marriage, for pro-life causes, and for the traditional family. Just because he is independent and is not a de facto vote for the Alabama Republican Party does not mean he is not a consistent voice for pro-family, conservative Alabamans. Having an independent Christian Coalition is very important and shows that it stands for Christian values, not just a mouthpiece of a political party. Just because the Coalition repudiated a misleading ad, does not mean it endorsed either candidate…some of this stuff is uttery nonsense i hear on this board.

  • Anonymous

    To #30, I attended the Davis-Brunson forum in Tuscaloosa. It is not accurate to call it a debate. Both were very impressive and both were very complimentary of each other, and they agreed on many things.

    While I disagree with Davis on abortion, I am pro-life, i was surprised at how embracing he was of many evangelical positions and how respectful he was of conservative positions. I admit I doubted his statewide potential before, but he was persuasive and seemed quite capable of getting conservative votes.

  • Anonymous

    The sad fact is that there is no evidence Brinson ever even asked Wayne Parker about it. Brinson wasn’t at the event. According to his press release, the only evidence I see that he even based his decision on that this as was “misleading” was the word of Parker Griffith and his campaign supporter, which was one minister.

    I see that Brinson made a video interviewing Parker Griffith. Where is his interview for Wayne Parker? How can Brinson make an informed word on this unless he heard both sides? Wouldn’t Wayne Parker, who has always touted his strong religious beliefs, have a reason to defend that he is being called a liar?

    There are several ministers who were there who can vouch that Griffith said exactly what he said to a question that did not address Christianity. Wayne Parker has always said that the question was not about Christianity. It was about America’s greatest threat to national security. I don’t see where Brinson even asked Wayne Parker.

    The audio is available, as is the text of questions. There was no “Christianity” spin on the question at all, nor on most of the questions. A simple check of the questions reveals that the forum had little to do with Christianity beyond the first couple questions. The ministers who were there agree.

    Brinson has chosen to become partisan for Parker Griffith and his own agenda. The fact that he is a social conservative is irrelevant. He is not showing himself to be independent here, he is showing clear biases.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Wayne Parker has been caught in another lie. Good for the Christian Coalition calling them out on it.

  • Anonymous

    The Christian Coalition is one of the most conservative groups in the country. If they tell me Wayne Parker’s a liar, I believe them. I am going to change my vote to Parker Griffith.

  • Anonymous

    The Christian Coalition is falsely inserting itself as an authority on this situation when it never got the full story, only the Griffith version second hand.

    The fact that this organization also is supporting gambling immediately removes any credibility it has to even pose an opinion on this topic.

    That Parker Griffith is hiding behind them to do the dirty work on his atrocious anti-American statement says all you need to know about him.

  • Anonymous

    I love the Christian Coalition. I am born again and will vote for whoever they tell me to vote for. I don’t play with the devil.

  • Anonymous

    Parker Griffith is way too conservative to be a Democrat. He is staunchly pro-life, pro-gun, pro-defense. His values are closer to Bob Riley than most Democrats. As a liberal, I am not sure who I will vote for. Parker Griffith is just another Bud Cramer, a conservative Democrat looking to work with Republicans to get things done. We need a liberal who can stick it to the right, not a hard core Christian like Parker Griffith.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, Parker Griffith is just another Bud Cramer.

  • Anonymous

    ha, 37, you really got us. that was clever, bet you smiled when you hit “post” – get over yourself. parker griffith is a sad, sick and desperate individual who actually needs help when it comes to fact vs fiction. never seen someone lie so much when called to task on his failures. even when he is dead to rights with audio, he tries to explain it away and threaten anyone in his path. he is a joke.

  • Anonymous

    oh, and i wonder if brinson knows about sharon wheeler. certainly not “christian coalition values” on display there by griffith.

  • Anonymous

    #37 Bob Riley was attending an event endorsing Wayne Parker tonight. And Wayne Parker has also received the endorsement of Jeff Sessions and Robert Aderholt.

    Parker Griffith has Bud Cramer who gaffed hugely by voting for the bailout, making phone calls begging for votes for Griffith.

    Those born again and Christian values quotes about voting for Griffith because of them are in really poor taste too.

  • Anonymous

    Hard core Christian? I’ve heard that Sharon Wheeler from Lowell Barron’s office has pertinent and vital information regarding Parker Griffith’s affiliation with Christian values, specifically the Seventh Commandment, that she should be interviewed about.

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing Parker Griffith’s campaign is ecstatic that Riley endorsed Wayne Parker. What’s Riley’s batting average on endorsements right now?

  • Dan R.

    Cramer’s endorsement means a lot more to me than Riley.

    The 5th district is like a-whole-nother state.

  • Anonymous

    Bob Riley carried 60% of the vote in this district. He has been a good governor for our state.

    Cramer voted for the bailout, which tremendously cripples his own district, which is so dependent on federal funding.

    Bob Riley is right. Wayne Parker is the best choice to be the next congressman.

  • Anonymous

    How is the 5th district like “a whole nother state” Dan? It is Alabama through and through. Some of us have spent our whole lives in north Alabama or have strong multi-generational ties to north Alabama and would like you to tell us exactly what state we belong to, then.

    Not sure what you’re getting at with that comment but have your boss Griffith say that and see how far it gets you.

    Wayne Parker, by the way, would never say that the 5th district is like “a whole nother state.” His family has been in the Huntsville area for multiple generations and their children attend public schools in Huntsville. They have always maintained their strong Alabama ties.

    Griffith is from Louisiana.

  • Dan R

    What do you know? A peanut pod twisting someone’s words. Didn’t see that coming.

    The 5th district is perhaps the most unique in all of our state.

    Have fun breaking apart these words in the previous four sentences and changing them into an ethnic slur or something unpatriotic.

  • Anonymous

    Dan you must not be from Alabama.

    The same could be said of Mobile. It is not like anywhere else in this state. The Black Belt is unique and has its own identity. Montgomery and the Wiregrass are also separate entities.

    To say that the 5th district is the most unique immediately discounts the others. We are all different but united in that we comprise Alabama.

  • Dan R

    48 – Nope. Born and raised. North Alabama all the way.

    Well put argument, nonetheless.

  • anonymous

    Go Parker Griffith, You gonna be our next Congressman for 05 come Tuesday. Amen brother, we need you in Washington to straighten out some of this mess made over the past 8 years. Thank God for people like you!

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