New Ad from Freedom’s Watch in AL-05

Freedom’s Watch has a new ad just out in AL-05 that hits the same theme as the new one from the NRCC.

YouTube Preview Image

The Freedom’s Watch ad strikes me as being the more effective of the two though the NRCC gets extra credit for leaving a little more of the original quote in there.

If Griffith is going to be hit hard on this, won’t he have to address this head-on in an attempt to keep from getting swamped by it?

11 comments to New Ad from Freedom’s Watch in AL-05

  • Anonymous

    Wow! is this an upset in the making?

  • Anonymous

    I love it. A great ad. Parker Griffith is drowning in his own lies.

  • GOP a crumbling party

    Patriot Act is bullshit! It is an abuse of executive and legislative power. Now, Griffith must address this and address it quick and get the baptist minister in one of his ads quick. To say the quote was taken out of context, like it was. Also, please note that the citations at the bottom of the two ads are from two different places. How can this be? Easy Freedom Watch and NRCC are full of BS! Since when did Karl Rove (Phd in fear and deceit) get involved in AL-5?

  • Anonymous has the audio from the event, and the NRCC ad uses the citation from the actual event, so both are legit sources.

    If you are worried about fear and deceit then it would be far more accurate to pull the DCCC ads off the air about Wayne Parker’s economic thoughts because they are a farce and have no basis in fact.

    This ad includes audio straight from Griffith’s mouth. Hard to lie and spin on this one.

  • Anonymous

    nope 3, you’ve been called out once before for commenting out of your butt on this issue. you need to check your facts before you start typing, you simply look foolish. you stated earlier that this was in response to a question on christianity, you were proved wrong – so accept the fact that Griffith stepped in it, and he will surely start explaining it away, but he was answering a question on islam being a threat and he said they are not.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if the DCCC will try and attack freedom’s watch in AL 05 as they have done in AL 02.

    I think Parker Griffith has trouble now…

  • Anonymous

    This is only the beginning. WHNT and the Huntsville Times wont be able to spin enough to help him now. The truth about this guy is starting to surface all over the place. This ad hits hard with the very folks Griffith was supposed to be strongest.

  • GOP a crumbling party

    Anon, again you use your rightest slant to justify your explanation. Half truth doesn’t equal truth. Freedom Watch citing is the equivalent to the National Esquire citing Wikipedia.

  • Anonymous

    #8 they are using audio from Griffith’s own mouth. His own mouth. It was all over the Internet.

  • CongressWatch

    I think Griffith’s next ad should say “what the people of the 5th Congressional district should REALLY fear is Wayne Parker.”

  • Anonymous

    nah, 10, because then he would say “but that was taken out of context” call his lawyer and whine like he’s done for the past 2 months.

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