Huntsville TV Station Pulls 2 Anti-Griffith Ads

According to a release from the Parker Griffith campaign, television station WAAY, Huntsville’s ABC affiliate, has pulled down ads from both the NRCC and Freedom’s Watch for being misleading.

Here is the full text of the release:


Contact: Sean Magers

WAAY Pulls Down Misleading Ads by Two Outside Groups

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – – Local Huntsville station WAAY 31 today pulled misleading attack ads by both the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and the shadow group Freedom’s Watch from the air, after it was determined that the smears were misleading and false.

Both national groups tried to continue their smear campaigns against Parker Griffith by attempting to mislead people about comments made at a Baptist Association forum about the threat of Radical Islam. Mr. David Carpenter, the moderator of the Colbert/Lauderdale Baptist Association Forum where the remark was made, has already called these attacks “unfortunate” and said they “misrepresented the truth”.

“I was the moderator for the Colbert/Lauderdale Baptist Association Forum on September 15th and I am shocked by the misuse of this quote from that event. I sat right between Wayne Parker and Dr. Griffith during the program and thought both did an excellent job discussing issues of faith and their views. The response that is being used against Parker Griffith was part of his comment in a longer discussion of whether radical Islam was a threat to our Christian faith. I was there when he said these quotes and can tell you that they have been taken out of context and it is unfortunate that anyone would misrepresent the truth in this way,” said Carpenter.

Griffith expressed disappointment that the Wayne Parker campaign and his allies would continue to sling mud and use lies, instead of talking about the economy and other issues that matter to North Alabama families.

“Once again, these outside groups are trying to mislead the people of Alabama, and once again our local stations won’t let them get away with it,” said Griffith. “These national groups should know by now that we don’t take kindly to liars in North Alabama.”

Griffith also explained the context of his comments and did not back down from his comments on the importance of strong Christian faith. “This quote was part of a discussion of whether or not radical Islam was a threat to our Christian beliefs. Obviously, radical Islam, the violence it encourages and those nations that support it is a threat to our national security that must be faced aggressively. I said it at the forum and I will say it again that if we are strong in our Christian faith and true to our values we won’t let Radical Islam destroy our principles and our way of life.”

The NRCC attacks were already pulled from the air once before because of they were so misleading. This time, attack ads from Freedom’s Watch, a shadow group founded by a Las Vegas casino baron and criticized by the Alabama Christian Coalition, also had their misleading attacks yanked down from the airwaves.

Parker Griffith is running as a pro-defense, pro-life Democrat that will follow in the tradition of Bud Cramer’s independent leadership.

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Paid for and authorized by Griffith for Congress

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15 comments to Huntsville TV Station Pulls 2 Anti-Griffith Ads

  • Anonymous

    The important thing to note here is that there are 4 TV stations in Huntsville. Only one is noted in the press release as having pulled the ads.

    What about the other 3?

    Griffith has issue with the citations, not the content of the ads. His lawyers did the same thing with the cancer ad and they were found to be factually correct and put back on the air but of course Griffith got his press release just as he is here.

    This is typical Griffith bullying and nothing else.

  • Dan R.

    There’s no mention of the sources of these two ads. It sounds like these were pulled down on content alone.

  • Anonymous

    Nope, or they would have been gone on all 4 networks. Check your facts about the cancer ads and you will see the same pattern.

    To follow your logic, there’s also no quote at all from the TV station, just Griffith and his supporter.

    Misleading and false citations are the issue, not misleading and false content. But see how the wording is vague enough to be construed by the Griffith people how they want?

    That’s bully behavior. Not someone who is honest and straightforward – but someone twisting the facts.

  • Anonymous

    To comment on the above post, it would stand to reason that Griffith’s bullying arm would be aggressively calling the other networks with the press release so they can say, “See! This network pulled it!”

    Let’s see if that happens so we can play “predict the bully.”

    Oh, and let’s not forget that the ad was airing until Griffith complained. If it was so bad, why did it go on air first?

  • Reactionary

    “we have nothing to fear from radical Islam”

    - Parker Griffith

    If the context really was Faith, I can see how Griffith’s ‘materialism’ is a greater threat to his personal faith, given that he is alleged (and documented) to have intentionally caused patient suffering for his personal greed.

  • Anonymous

    That is ridiculous. I guess that station is scared of Griffith’s lawyers and/or they have their own agenda. The ads are fine or the other stations would have protested too.

  • Reactionary

    IIRC this is the second (maybe third) ad that WAAY has decided not to run. WAAY and WAFF both declined to run an NRCC ad, but WHNT ran the ad.

  • The Sandman

    Once again the cowards at WAAY bend over and take it from Parker Griffith. Absolutely pathetic. Here’s hoping the management at the other three TV stations decide to grow a pair and tell Griffith he can take his threats and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • War Eagle 34

    This ad is horrible, very much like ads run against Bright where he says “yes” when asked about Obama. It is much like the terrorism ads run against Segall. Our political scene is getting out of hand. Scare tactics, I am sure, work. Lying works. What kind of a society have we created.

  • Stephen

    I’m not voting for either one of these jokers, but clearly Peanut’s lackeys are in the wrong here. They latch on to anything they can to make anyone look bad.

    I sound like a Griffth homer, but it’s obvious to any rational person that Wayne Parker is only trying to make Griffth look bad so that he doesn’t have to talk about his own vision for NORTH ALABAMA.

    That being said. I urge everyone to not vote for either one. If I was forced to vote, I’d choose Griffith, but thankfully we still live is America. I will pull the lever for McCain, Linda Hall and Fran Hamilton. For the first time ever, I will obstain from voting for Congress. I wish I lived in the Bright/Love district where the choice is clear.

  • Anonymous

    #10 you are seeing what you want to see. Wayne Parker has a great ad on right now talking about his plans for North Alabama. Parker Griffith has not said anything of substance on his ads that is true – it is easily debunked. Griffith’s voting record cannot be disputed and it does not match his rhetoric.

    As for this ad, bring it on. Can’t spin when it’s in your own words and the actual questions say nothing about Christianity.

  • Anonymous

    Good for this tv station! I wish they would take down the ads against Bright in district 2! They are the same deceptive ads being run in this district!

  • Anonymous

    television stations that try to be the news, like waay, instead of report the news are the problem with having liberals controlling government. this is so ridiculous, but i bet parker griffith is dancing on those old charts that say he is a terrible doctor. this is the tv version of the fairness doctrine.

  • A new film that was recently launched – I think every American should watch this film to really understand the threats of radical Islam

  • Okay, he said it. So why can’t they play it. And Wayne Parker has said what he believes (debates, website, commercials, etc), and PG has said what he believes. So its not like we have no idea what each person wants. Also, much of the negative campaigning isn’t done by each candidate. It is outside groups (DCCC, NRCC, Freedom’s Watch). I have seen an Excel Document that shows that the DCCC has run more Ads against WP than anyone else, but the NRCC and Freedom’s Watch have run a bunch of ads against PG. My point is it goes both ways. And if you aren’t voting because you don’t know what each candidate stands for just go to their websites (because they can’t say everything in commercials).

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