AL-05: New NRCC Ad

Haven’t you been wondering when this one was coming?

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42 comments to AL-05: New NRCC Ad

  • Anonymous

    he said it. let him deal with it.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s a strong ad. Probably misleading, but Wayne Parker needs something.

  • Sure, go with “a noun, a verb, and 9/11″. It worked well for Giuliani.

  • Anonymous

    I think this one will do soe damage. There are many people who think the national democrats blame America for everything. He sounds like one of them.

  • GOP a crumbling party

    Even the baptist minister who asked the question at the forum said that Griffith’s words were taken out of context. The question was on the effects of radical Islam on Christianity, not national security. Also, the line at the bottom of the ad is wrong it was not a speech it was a political forum between Griffith and Parker.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see how those comments could be a good answer to any question involving radical Islam.

  • Anonymous

    #5, you do realize that you are a liar right? The questions 12 and 13: Question 12 is “Who do you think is America’s greatest enemy and why?” Question 13 is “Do you think we have any terrorist threats in North Alabama?”

    see for yourself with this link:

    the truth is just a couple of clicks away, 5, but why bother with that right?

  • Anonymous

    Parker Griffith’s response has been that he was talking about Christian values, but that holds no water since the response was actually to the question, “What is America’s greatest enemy?” Wayne Parker immediately said, “radical Islam” and Griffith disputed him.

    Griffith is unfortunately a practiced politician, which means he’s a good liar. He will deny the innuendo again, I’m sure, and also mention that the pastor who em-ceed the event, who is involved with unions and Griffith supporter, noted that Griffith’s response did not garner outrage at the time. However, when you are with a supporter, as Griffith was, your perception of what you want to hear versus what was actually said is altered. To assume that pastors do not have political leanings and desires is a fallacy. Every one of us can name a religious leader who has political preferences so to say that the pastor was impartial would not be fair.

    But in a district with a strong military presence, one wonders how fervently Griffith would fight for military expenses if he does not believe that militant Muslims are a problem. Everyone likes to point out that there has been no major terrorist front in the U.S., but because of vigilance it has been so. Also, there have been numerous attacks on the U.S. overseas and to think that they will not continue is ludicrous. Christians can pray all we want and curtail out “materialism,” but when angry jihadists are out to destroy your nation, as our Holy Bible has repeatedly shown, evil exists on earth and we must protect ourselves against it, of course spiritually but also with the resources and strength of our nation that we have been blessed with.

  • Anonymous

    I think what #5 is really saying is that the Griffith will be threatening to sue again for improper citations even though it is an accurate ad, because they are bullies and that is what bullies do.

    Just like they made a big deal out of a lie (even submitted press releases) that ads were pulled for false information when in fact the ads were never lies at all but taken off the air because of Griffith’s bullying that they be re-cited. The ads were back on the air the next day and Griffith yet again is caught in a lie.

  • Dan R.

    Who do you want in Congress? Someone who isn’t afraid of radical Islam and will say it, or someone who is going to openly admit that they are.

    I fail to see how this damages Griffith and why he’s shying away from it.

  • Anonymous

    Why would someone who thinks that his own country is a problem be a good choice to be elected to congress? Wayne Parker never said he was afraid of radical Islam, he said it was America’s biggest threat to national security. And he’s right.

    Griffith says America and its materialism is its biggest threat. If he is so worried about materialism, explain why he voted the pay raise for himself?

  • Anonymous

    parker griffith is one of the most materialistic men out there… wow. hypocrisy knows no bounds. he is only matched by harri anne smith.

  • AshamedOfWayne

    The tag for the spot should be “I’m Wayne Parker, and I felt I had nothing left to lose.”

  • Patience

    My Grandmother used to say that sometimes you ahve to vomit to feel better. That’s what america is doing right now and the Repubs are spewing all over themselves – showing their gutteral emptiness with every commercial.

  • Anonymous

    Amazingly the thousands upon thousands of dollars of DCCC negative ads running all over this district are ignored by the previous 2 posters, as well as Parker Griffith’s odious lies upon lies and audacity to repudiate materialism when he votes himself a pay raise, gives legislators free health care and lets me foot the bill.

    Clean it up off your own shoes dems. Grandma will surely hand you a towel.

  • Dan R.

    These negative ads by the DCCC don’t take quotes out of context and cut them up. Ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    The DCCC absolutely takes quotes out of context and misuses them all the time. Wayne Parker has no more intention of cutting jobs at TVA and NASA than the man on the moon. Griffith was caught yet again in a lie.

  • GOP a crumbling party

    If I am a liar so is the baptist minister. See for yourself! The truth is only a few clicks away! It was a religious forum!

  • Anonymous

    you AND griffith are liars, sorry forgot about that article. griffith states that they were not talking about matters of national security, but the questions prove otherwise. anytime someone is speaking of “threats to america,” i’d say that probably has something to do with national security.

  • Anonymous

    And yet you ignore the actual question sheet that does not show a religious perspective on this at all.

    Here is a link to the list of questions (which is from Flashpoint Blog, thank you to them), which does not say anything about Christianity’s role on this question or in fact most of the questions:

  • Anonymous

    there is no way those comments were taken out of context. they should have never been uttered.

  • Anonymous

    I was voting for Wayne Parker but wouldn’t consider it now. He has gone too far with these attacks. As a self proclaimed man of God, Wayne Parker should be ashamed of himself.

    I am ashamed of myself for once believing in him. Get back to the issues Wayne Parker.

  • Anonymous

    22# are you too ashamed to identify yourself? Not too ashamed to cast judgement on a man’s faith… Oh I’m sorry, that probably makes you even more ashamed of yourself. does anyone have a kleenex?

  • Anonymous

    Poster #22 – you are going down a dangerous path to question a candidate’s faith. Parker Griffith’s skeletons are not just coming out of the closet, they are thankfully finally taking him with them.

  • Anonymous

    unidentified #22, please tell me you are actually a Wayne Parker plant trying to make Griffith supporters look utterly stupid and ignorant.!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Did anyone catch Parker Griffith’s interview on WHNT last night? Here’s the link if you are interested.

  • Anonymous

    This is what Griffith people they do when they are beat. Change the subject.

    Number 26 and 27 diverting attention yet again. Interesting how in #27, the cancer scandal and Griffith killing patients is a “non-issue” until they get a slanted story that is not fully reserached slant their way. Dead people can’t give interviews!!!

  • Daisy

    Has anyone seen Parker Griffith’s interview with the Huntsville Times editorial board? (It is posted on It is pathetic. He makes no sense at all about anything. Every question he was asked he answered with a health care spin. Is he okay? He knew absolutely nothing about the any of the issues relevant to the district. He seemed extremely distracted.

  • The Sandman

    Poster #22 – You are a liar just like your boy Parker Griffith is a liar. Nobody believes that you once supported Wayne Parker; you are nothing but a pathetic Democratic shill.

  • Anonymous

    I checked out the article referencing the statement by the Baptist minister asking the questions. I have copied it below:

    “Griffith said he was surprised that his comments had caught the NRCC’s attention a month after they were issued. He said the forum was about faith and family, and his remarks about Islam were completely from a religious slant.

    “I don’t think anyone in the room misunderstood what I was saying,” Griffith said. “I was in a room full of Baptist ministers, and we were talking about religion, not matters of national security. The point I was making was that if we are strong in our Christian beliefs, that is stronger than any Islamic threat.

    “I don’t know how this got so taken out of context. It’s just a baseless negative attack.”

    David Carpenter, a Baptist minister from Florence, was the moderator of the forum last month. He said he was “shocked by the misuse of the quote from that event.

    “I sat right between Wayne Parker and Dr. Griffith during the program and thought both did an excellent job discussing issues of faith and their views,” Carpenter said. “The response that is being used against Parker Griffith was part of his comment in a longer discussion of whether radical Islam was a threat to our Christian faith.

    “I was there when he said these quotes and can tell you that they have been taken out of context, and it is unfortunate that anyone would misrepresent the truth in this way.”

  • Anonymous

    I too checked out the article about Griffith’s Islam statement. I too have taken the time to cut and paste it below. Considering that Griffith’s credibility has been taken to task repeatedly, I do not believe his lies:

    “Parker Griffith’s statement that there is “nothing to fear from radical Islam” went national Wednesday, earning airtime on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program.

    Griffith, the Democratic candidate for Huntsville’s 5th Congressional District, has said the statement was taken out of context, that he was involved in a discussion with the Colbert-Lauderdale Baptist Association about Christian beliefs, not national security.

    But his Republican opponent, Wayne Parker, disagreed with Griffith’s version of events.

    Parker Griffith’s statement that there is “nothing to fear from radical Islam” went national Wednesday, earning airtime on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program.

    Griffith, the Democratic candidate for Huntsville’s 5th Congressional District, has said the statement was taken out of context, that he was involved in a discussion with the Colbert-Lauderdale Baptist Association about Christian beliefs, not national security.

    But his Republican opponent, Wayne Parker, disagreed with Griffith’s version of events.

    Parker Griffith’s statement that there is “nothing to fear from radical Islam” went national Wednesday, earning airtime on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program.

    Griffith, the Democratic candidate for Huntsville’s 5th Congressional District, has said the statement was taken out of context, that he was involved in a discussion with the Colbert-Lauderdale Baptist Association about Christian beliefs, not national security.

    But his Republican opponent, Wayne Parker, disagreed with Griffith’s version of events.”

  • Anonymous

    Here is the rest since I had a cut and paste fiasco of the article debunking yet another Griffith lie:

    “In audio released by the National Republican Congressional Committee on Tuesday, Griffith can be heard saying during the forum on Sept. 15:

    “I think America’s greatest enemy is America and its materialism. And I think that we have nothing to fear from radical Islam. We have nothing to fear from any other religion if we are strong on our own beliefs. I don’t fear radical Islam.”

    On Tuesday, Limbaugh said such comments could help a Republican to pick up the seat left open by the retirement of Rep. Bud Cramer, D-Huntsville.

    “According to Parker Griffith, America’s greatest enemy is America and its imperialism,” said Limbaugh, adding later: “So another Democrat echoing the sentiments of the Democratic party in toto.”

  • Anonymous

    As a devout Christian, I can tell you the greatest threat that I see to Christianity is apathy of those who claim to be Christian. Much of that apathy is due to our spiritual beliefs being replaced by materialism. I am not in Griffith’s district, but I agree with his statement. Radical Islam is not a threat to American Christianity. It is just a talking point of people who know little about either Christianity or Islam. Christian beliefs in America are being damaged by Americans, not Islam, radical or otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    and while i agree with you, 34, on the christianity front, this answer was not about christianity. it was about threats to america, and radical islam is definitely a threat to america. let’s stick to the things we know for certain on this deal -

  • Anonymous

    35, I am trusting the word of the Baptist moderator on this. He said the question was about Christianity and the threats to it, not national security. You can interpret the answer as you wish — that is the best thing about being an American. However, I am listening to the Baptist minister who sat between the two of them as the moderator. He was there. I was not. The moderator says you are wrong.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, but the moderator may have been tired, or not paying attention…unfortunately the moderator has not said that they got away from the sheet that has the actual questions printed on it that is out there for all of us to see

  • Laura Jones

    Not only have several ministers, including the moderator of this event, rebuked Wayne Parker’s new ads, even the Christian Coalition of Alabama has said Wayne Parker’s attack ads were way out of line.

    I copied this from an AP article.

    The Christian Coalition of Alabama also rebuked the ads, saying Griffith’s original comments were being taken out of context to “cast aspersions on his character, patriotism and even Christian commitment.”

    Freedom’s Watch is funded by Sheldon Adelson, a casino mogul. The anti-gaming Christian Coalition called it “the height of hypocrisy” that the group would criticize Griffith’s comments, which the coalition said were “were well-rooted in scripture and demonstrated a true love of country and trust in our Lord.”

  • Anonymous

    #36 The minister is a Parker Griffith campaign volunteer. His credibility is completely shot as his political leanings slant his views.

    #38 There actually are several more ministers who were there at the event who agree that that is exactly what Parker Griffith said, but as men of the cloth they are not interested in starting a shouting match within their religious organization, for obvious reasons.

    The Christian Coalition of Alabama, by the way, splintered from the national organization and is run by left-wing people. They do not represent the Christian Coalition national people at all.

    Griffith revealed his real feelings and I have no faith in his lies anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I did not know that about the Christian Coalition. I have a lot more respect for them now. I thought they were still putting out the same trash as Giles. I will start paying closer attention, maybe even send them a contribution.

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