AL-02: Greenberg Poll Shows Bright Lead

AbacusA Greenberg Quinlan Rosner poll released late yesterday by the DCCC shows Bobby Bright leading Republican opponent Jay Love by 7 points (conducted October 20-21, 403 likely voters, 4.9% MoE).

FWIW, I hear whispers about other recent polls on the race but nothing I have yet confirmed.

Also, fwiw, I would enjoy seeing more details of the Greenberg Quinlan Rosner poll…

23 comments to AL-02: Greenberg Poll Shows Bright Lead

  • Anonymous

    Any thing issued from the DCCC is biased on its face. Danny, I would be very interested on the details of this polling. I would say the same thing about an RCCC poll.

  • Anonymous

    I think the poll would defintely lean Demo. However, this is good news for Bright. I think the poll is within reason. And Love’s ads indicate he thinks he is in some trouble. That is the best gauge.

  • average guy

    Good News/ Bad News

    Good News: The 2nd Congressional District of Alabama will have a Republican representative.

    Bad News: It will be either Jay Love or Bobby Bright

    Explanation: If you have followed Bobby Brights decisions from the beginning of this race you will remember that he waffled back and forth between running as a Republican and a Democrat then held his finger up to the wind and determined which way would be the easiest to get elected (no party allegiance). I believe fully that soon after Bobby Bright is elected he will switch to the Republican Party. The reason is consistent with his behavior before he got in the race. He realizes that a democrat in this district will always face a strong Republican opponent. If he is changes to a Republican no one will be able to unseat him in a strong Republican district. I challenge any Democrat to try to get Bobby Bright to go on the record to say that he will not switch. I bet you can’t get him to commit because he has already thought this whole thing through.

  • Anonymous

    Post 3 is interesting. That has actually been a big rumor in the Wiregrass recently. Maybe Bright’s folks planted it, I don’t know. But some have said he will switch parties after he is elected.

  • 02 Voter

    I could care less what party he represents as long as he is truthful and remains that way to the folks in district 02. It is about the man not the party so what difference does it make as long as he is devoted to the people who puts him in the office. We need strong leadership, not a follower in this office. We need someone that will make a difference, not make more problems for all of America. Bright is the man that will lead, and will make that difference.

  • Anonymous

    It is beginning to look like the tone of Love’s campaign is turning off voters – especially the doctoring of the video.

  • Anonymous

    WSFA said the AL GOP is voting right now on whether to dismiss Harri Anne Smith or not?

    Does anyone know anything about this????????????

  • Anonymous

    Post 6, please show tell us all how the video was altered. Typical not so Bright comment…

    And Bright is an honest leader? Hmmmm….I guess buying campaign endorsements is honest. Interesting.

  • GOP a crumbling party

    If Bright switches parties this is all going to be in vain………

  • Susan Fillippeli

    It wouldn’t be the first time WSFA is wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Number 8, are you that stupid or still waging a ridiculous failed rear-guard action on here?

  • Anonymous

    They did vote on Smith. She will remain in the GOP with a 19 -11 vote. Hubbard just does nto have the pull he use too.

  • Anonymous

    The DCCC shows their boy Bobby Bright up in a poll. Wow – shocker.

  • Anonymous

    12 – the AL GOP has taken no action. That was the Geneva County GOP and Hubbard was not involved. Get a life.

  • Anonymous

    Bright will not switch parties because he will be in the majority with a Democratic president and, whether we like it or not, that fact will made him more influential when it comes to important Alabama issues including farmers and military. Once he is serves a first term, he will be difficult to unseat.

  • Anonymous

    Congress is based on seniority. being a green little freshman as an R or as D will not make a hill of beans difference.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone seen Scott Beeson’s comments today? He is getting a primary for supporting the pay raise, but this goes too far – he too should be thrown out of the party.

  • Anonymous

    Beason was hired by harri anne and she ran around the district all excited saying she hired the “butcher” This guys is a dirt bag.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Harri Anne only gets the 150K promised to her if Birght wins. Hmmmmm…..if he loses I guess she is SOL. Oh wait, she is SOL regardless.

  • I Was Going to Vote for Jay , But he has Turned to Negative Slams in his Ad’s….And I have heard Enough !…So Bobby has my Vote Now !

    All my Friends that Voted for Him against Smith are Upset with him Too , and are Voting for Bright

  • haha…I Wouldn’t be Surprise here ,if Anonymous was Really Jay Love here too ,He has Really turned into a Hateful Man !

  • I Don’t know How the polls are Going but I Do Know at the Morning Cafe in Cottonwood Alabama All of Us that Voted for Jay ,Are Not Voting for him Now …..This Morning at the Hangout Drinking Our Coffee we Did a Head Count and 17 of us that Voted for him over Harri-anne Smith Are not Voting for him now ….Bobby Bright hasn’t been Negative ,but Jay has been a Real ASS !….I Used to like him too !

    Plus we Like George Jones & he Said Jay has no Class !

  • hahaha….See, He Could have Won Big if His Adds Weren’t so Negative……

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