AL-02: Bobby Bright on the Presidential Candidates

The Jay Love campaign has a commercial featuring a snippet of a video clip of his Democratic opponent Bobby Bright answering the question of who he supports for President. Here is video from the event that allows you to hear that quote in its larger context.

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64 comments to AL-02: Bobby Bright on the Presidential Candidates

  • Anonymous

    whatever bub.

  • RRabton

    51 – Is that Love’s concession speech?

  • Anonymous

    You know what Love’s major problem is? He let his campaign staff convince him that the district voters are stupid enough to believe his ads. Someone smart enought to put together good sandwiches should have known better. Even worse, he is paying his staff to make him look bad.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah 53, I guess voters in the Wiregrass are also so stupid that they believe Harri Anne endorsed Bright out of sincerity and not bitterness. Or, shall we talk about the 150,000 ????????

  • Anonymous

    RRabton, I don’t know who you are but I couldn’t agree with you more. Keep preaching.

  • Anonymous

    Endorsements mean little. Riley endorsed Love after Riley creamed Love for voting against Riley’s oil and gas recommendation. Riley was right in his criticism of Love — but Riley chose to put party ahead of Alabama when he endorsed Love. Too much partisan politics, not enought independent thinking.

  • Anonymous

    54, I don’t know much about the Wiregrass. Visit there occasionally, but don’t live there. I understand that Bobby was born in the Wiregrass where he learned early how to use a sharecropper’s farming tools. I don’t know where Jay was born, but I do know it was with a silver foot in his mouth.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, i wouldn’t want governor riley’s endorsement. umm, you’re an idiot. governor riley is the best governor this state has ever seen, if he supports jay love, then i do too. bobby bright supports barack obama, i’ll take riley/love over obama/bright any day of the week 56. thanks for bringing that up. bobby has probably already punched you, after he threw a couple of things with that temper of his, but hope you recover. thanks – riley/love beats obama/bright all day long.

  • Anonymous

    58, I think your brain is getting tired. You’re making no sense at all. If you are going to take up space here, at least make an effort to be coherent.

  • sick of half truths & lies

    # 59 Don’t forget the little Youtube that Todd Stacy posted for the Governor when he worked there. Hint: Involves Exxon and shows the Governor saying that what Jay Love and troops did was “unconscionable” regarding taxes.

  • Anonymous


  • RRabton

    #54 – Apparently you have not been paying attention to the news. Hubbard and the party have backed off of that ridiculous pay-off accusation. It was just a news stunt to distract the public from Smith’s endorsement of Bright. Bright denied it, Smith denied it, Harris suddenly has “no comment”, and the party dropped the issue – pure news stunt.
    #55 – Thanks for the support.

    PS Did anyone watch Meet the Press this morning? I found it interesting, well actually I was dumbfounded, when McCain blamed Bush for the present economic crisis.
    For months all we’ve heard is how the Dem Congress has got us into this mess. Since that didn’t move voters to abandon Obama, I guess the next tactic is to blame Bush and promise to fix the Rep party. Ain’t politics fun??

  • Love to lose it


    You make excellent posts. I always enjoy reading them because you tell it just like it is! You make No bones about it, just present true facts! I did see Meet The Press and thought the same thing about McCains statement that you do. How can Obama or the Dems be blamed for the ridiculus mess he has put the country in when it takes 2/3 votes by Congress to pass any resolution and this required Repubs votes to do so, Right? Now, who is at blame other than the Bush Administration itself. This is a true statement if I have ever spoken it. Bush and his cronies have completely destroyed this country’s economy period. We definitely need change for any hope period!

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