Looking at AL-02

Alabama with the 2nd Congressional District highlightedThe Southern Political Report this week calls the AL-02 race between Republican Jay Love and Democrat Bobby Bright a toss-up, but Roll Call has an election contest that identifies Jay Love as a 6 point favorite.

Love has picked up support from former GOP presidential candidates Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson, and Mitt Romney. Huckabee and Thompson endorsed Love; Romney is in Dothan today campaigning with Love.

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30 comments to Looking at AL-02

  • Anonymous

    Interesting. I did note that “Roll Call” doesn’t have a poll – this is more of a “betting line” predicting a 6-point spread. I think Bright is the best “bet” on that line. Doesn’t mean he will win, but I am guessing this will be closer than 6.

  • Anonymous

    A 53-47 win for Jay Love sounds about right.

  • Anonymous

    I think it could be 53-47 but likely closer. I do not think either candidate wins by more than 6 at most. I think if Bright wins it’ll be no more than 52-48; Love MIGHT have a slightly larger possible margin.

  • Anonymous

    Love has the momentum. Bright has been losing a lot of ground as shown by his own polling.

  • Anonymous

    #4 nice spin. Keep on posting that. That’s why the desperate dishonest ad from Jay came out – he’s so confident. Confident candidates run positive ads late . . .which Bright is the only one doing . . . .

  • Anonymous

    No, stupid candidates run positive ads late.

  • Anonymous

    Nice guys finish last, huh #6? I would guess Jay Love lives by that motto.

    I think runing positive ads bespeaks confidence. I think running a highly risky, certainly dishonest ad thgat will probably destroy any chance of a major newspaper endorsement does not show confidence. Call me crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Newspaper endorsements vs. tv ads. I’ll take the tv ads. Bright is running plenty of negative ads per his girlfriend Nancy and the $1M commitment she made to him that he loves to brag about.

  • Anonymous

    really, 5, i wouldn’t be satisfied with a 10 point lead either, and would keep hammering – especially the way the dems are positioning themselves and trying to register every dead person and felon that they can, then purchasing votes from the live ones for crack…you need as big of a lead as you can get. so don’t read anything in to the fact that jay is still blowing bobby up over his bad record and his affiliation with barack H. obama.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah – guys with 10 point leads often run ads that media may (will) see as blatantly dishonest and will do “truth” storiesa about. Keep ‘em coming – you are cracking me up here.

  • Anonymous

    everyone knows the media is in the tank for obama, so no one in alabama cares about the media’s “truth” shenanigans. non starter, try again bobby.

  • GOP a crumbling party

    Isn’t Romney that liberal “Rockefeller Republican” former Governor of liberal Mass. who is or was pro-abortion and out sourced a lot of jobs to make a buck!!!! Liberal Mitt is not what Dothan wants to hear, but I bet the only the people of Dothan will hear is GOP presidential candidate, McCain/Palin, San Francisco Liberals, and Obama/Bright all without even mentioning that Romney was or is one of the most liberal Republicans to date!!! Flip-flop Mitt is just Jay trying to keep from pointing out his own stance. Jay is a coattail riding bastard! I can’t wait for 35% African-American turnout!!

    Here is some info about Mitt on abortion. Really, this for a guy who says in one of his ads, “I’m supporting pro-lifers Sarah Palin and John McCain.” Maybe Mitt will buy Jay some a pair of flip flops down in Dothan today!


    And it gets better he supports gay marriage, too! Too liberal for Dothan and the Wiregrass, too liberal for district 2!
    “Since same-sex marriage became legal in May 2004, Governor Mitt Romney has approved scores of such requests from gay and lesbian couples…Romney approved at least 189 requests from same-sex couples in 2005.”

  • CC Dollar

    this new round of ads may well make the difference in this race….sorry fellow republicans but love blew it this time….

  • Anonymous

    POst 12 – save your obama bright loving rants – i have already seen that on here once.

    I think 5 – 6 points in Love’s favor is accurate. However, it is all about turnout. Whoever does better at that, will win.

  • Anonymous

    Everybody runs feel good ads at the very end. They are supposed to make you forget all of the nasty ads the candidates ran.

  • Anonymous


  • anomynous

    “Jay Love” is definitely a retard and it shows. He is all talk and no substance! By now people in Alabama should know who this slease is due to his constant lies and sleazy sneaky bashing ads against Bright. This is nothing but total desperation on Loves part and will certainly be his demise come Nov. 4.

  • anonymous

    OH, my , where’s the voice of “no mean spirit posting” for this forum? Did D go to bed early? Might as well give it up, Gilley, Joe X, Day Trader, Fitzgerald, Gunny, Townshend, multiple anonymous. You’ve got lots of millions of dollars you’ve got to figure out how to pay. It’s a shame you can’t move on with your life. Maybe, it’s “roid” rage. Thought your deed had changed hands. Deeds don’t change hands until it’s paid for. No, don’t tell me. Could someone from YOUR camp be lying?

  • Educated at the Lyceum

    I like how this site noted that Love has been endorsed by all the Republican Presidential candidates (all the losers that is). It is funny that the site would note it as being relevant. Do we think that they are going to get swing voters for Love? I dont.

    Anyway, since everyone else is predicting… I say Bright wins by 1%. 50.5 to 49.5

  • Anonymous

    Love just got called out on the top story of WSFA for twisting facts. Just another of many times Love has been accused of being a liar.

  • Anonymous

    they will get more voters than harri anne smith and barack obama, bright’s big endorsements of the month.

  • Anonymous

    WSFA has not run such a story. get off it buddy.

  • Anonymous

    Bright has last his momentum in the polls. He peaked at the wrong time. Buying endorsements doesn’t help matters for him in Dothan either.

  • Anonymous

    #22. You have to at least watch the news to be able to post on here.

    Love is toast and Bright’s peak has just begun.

  • Anonymous

    WSFA ran a story…I saw it. It does not call out Love out or say he lied etc. Give me a freakin’ break. Typical for Bright supporters. Go buy another endorse and just be quite.

  • Anonymous

    New poll released by DCCC has Bright up 75-25. Oh yeah the sample was 4 and they were all members of the Bright family.

  • Anonymous

    I wish that someone had asked Mitt Romney if he was wearing his special sacred underwear today.



    I am baffled why a conservative, evangelical Christian would want to have a heretic campaign for him. The Mormon faith believes that God was once a man and that man may become God, deny that Jesus is the eternal son of God, do not believe in Biblical inerrancy, believe that Christian denominations other than the LDS are corrupt and an abomination to God, beleive in the baptism of the dead, eternal marriage, and salvation through works. Such beliefs are nothing less than heresy!

  • Susan Fillippeli

    Anony # 20–I saw the WSFA story and it did not call out Love. It reported on the flap over the ad and ran a clip of Eileen Jones asking if Bright supported Obama and Bright answering “yes.” It cut off before he got into his equivocation.

  • Anonymous

    So Susan, you approve of running a portion of a quote that dramaticaly changes the statment to appear something it is not?

  • Anonymous

    Susan, you must have not watched the whole story. At the end of the story WSFA showed Bright’s complete response to the question.

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