Daily Headlines, Thursday, 10/16/2008

Birmingham NewsChildren’s Hospital gets state OK for $483 million replacement hospital

Birmingham NewsHuntsville crash leads to new bus safety rules

Birmingham NewsPossibility of state budget cuts has Birmingham Board of Education looking at cost-cutting measures; some schools in consolidation plan may close sooner

Birmingham NewsACORN not active in Alabama

Birmingham NewsGovernor Riley says Jefferson County bankruptcy would send a wrong message

Birmingham NewsAlabama’s economic developers working 50 active

Birmingham NewsThe Birmingham Board of Education can’t seem to get its act together on even starting on a long-term strategic plan.

Press-RegisterReport: Mobile is badfor kids

Press-RegisterEADS puts Trent Lott on board of directors

Press-RegisterContests filed in Evergreen, Monroeville elections

Press-RegisterDefendant sits out trial in Mobile federal court after failed plea

Press-RegisterGround broken for LNG natural gas terminal at Port of Pascagoula

Press-RegisterSen. Barron gets off again

Huntsville TimesCouncil rejects $3M deal in lawsuit

Huntsville TimesSeat belongs to you, Figures tells voters

Huntsville TimesAlabama Supreme Court hopefuls get endorsements

Huntsville TimesThe speed of justice

Montgomery AdvertiserMontgomery ranks low on child well-being report

Anniston StarAmericans who do their duty: Paying taxes helps the U.S.

Decatur Daily Barron leaves Andalusia with politicians happy

Decatur Daily Al Smith lost to fear eight decades ago

Opelika-Auburn NewsRogers: Seniority matters in Washington

4 comments to Daily Headlines, Thursday, 10/16/2008

  • Anonymous

    something about the headline “Sen Barron gets off again,” just doesn’t sound good this early in the morning.

  • jpo

    seems like you missed Segall making Red-to-Blue. That’s been on the advertiser website and in the paper.

  • straight arrow

    Like it or not, Barron did not “get off”. I would not have stopped either. It was late at night, unmarked motorcycle, he said vs he said. Sounds to me like the guy was a Barney Phyffe. If he was still a police office, he should have had identification, a citation book, and a “FLASHING BLUE LIGHT”. Don’t blame Barron one bit. If the guy wants to be a motocycle cop, then get the proper equipment.

  • Pecan Jim

    Apparently the “officer” who wrote the ticket was not employed by any law enforcement agency at the time.
    This one of those cases where I think we will never get the real story.

Legislative Dispatch

A Look from the Rearview Mirror

This Thursday will mark the last day of the legislative Session.  For some, it was a Session that seemed would never end.  For others, it was one that ended much too quickly.  It may be early, yet, to write an obit on this Session, but as we approach the finish line, some perspective may be in order.


Putting Students First

As you know, a very important piece of legislation will be presented for our consideration in the House tomorrow in Montgomery – Senate Bill 310 – the “Students First” tenure and fair dismissal reform bill. Like me, many House members have been inundated with phone calls and emails from opponents of this bill, and some have been [...]

Legislative Transparency

There are a lot of issues to debate before we begin the final days of this session. In fact, I am quite certain there will be some comments on this post debating many of them. Before we get into the last seven day of the session I wanted to bring up a topic that [...]

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