Daily Headlines, Tuesday, 8/19/2008

Birmingham NewsJudge asks Attorney General King if Jefferson County can hold sewer debt vote

Birmingham NewsBirmingham-area cities report savings from four-day workweek

Birmingham NewsState VA Department panel evaluating architects interested in designing new veterans nursing home in St. Clair County

Birmingham NewsJefferson County residents don’t need a public relations campaign against bankruptcy foisted on them; they need some honest answers from someone without a vested interest

Press-RegisterProsecutors reveal a ‘crisis of corruption’

Montgomery AdvertiserDavis predicts ‘harmonious’ Democratic convention

Montgomery AdvertiserClub honors former Dallas County judge

Montgomery AdvertiserSuit targets law on sex offender housing

Tuscaloosa NewsColleges: Should the drinking age be 18?

Tuscaloosa NewsAppointed judges would better serve Alabama

Anniston StarDriving around Alabama: It’s good, and it’s bad

Opelika-Auburn NewsPaul Davis: Barron is what’s wrong with government

10 comments to Daily Headlines, Tuesday, 8/19/2008

  • LA


    Please spare your readers exposure to any of the crap Paul Davis writes. He is a master at stringing together one or two factoids with a whole lot of his fanciful imagination. The only time I was ever interviewed by him he was three sheets in the wind and conducted himself in anything but a professional manner. And he wants to call someone else sleazy?

    Had Paul (don’t confuse me with the facts) Davis bothered to check, here’s what he would have learned about the Lowell Barron/Covington county incident.

    Barron passed a motorcycle many miles south of Andalusia on highway 137. The motorcycle was ridden by Blaine Wilson, an Andalusia law enforcement wannabe, who ran unsuccessfully for sheriff and is a former Andalusia policeman. Wilson was not in a uniform (since he does not have one to wear), nor on a police motorcycle (since he does not have one to ride) when he began pursuing Barron.

    Had I been Barron, I would have done the same thing–don’t stop in the middle of the Conecuh forest with someone on a motorcyle on your tail.

    Of course, giving both sides of this situation would’ve messed up a good tale, so Paul Davis didn’t bother.

  • Anonymous

    You might also be interested to know that Barron was driving erratically and tailgaiting every car he came upon, flashing his lights and passing cars in a dangerous way. And, that he almost killed Wilson when he attempted to pass him, and then realized that he couldn’t make it with an oncoming car. He cut in right behind Wilson, barely missing the motorcycle. There are several witnesses to this driving and it will probably all come out in his trial in September. So, LA, why don’t you give “both sides” too before making a snap judgment.

  • In 1996, the despicable Loweel Barron got the Legislature to pass a law banning police in towns with fewer than 19,000 from ticketing speeders on interstate highways.

    The move came after he was clocked at speeds of more than 90 MPH by the Clanton and Argo police departments.

  • Please excuse the typo above; it should read “the despicable Lowell Barron.”

    We need an EDIT option.

  • WE

    You might have missed something from the Anniston Star.

  • walt moffett

    Unfortunately, the Anniston Star gives access to local articles only to paid subscribers. Local editorials and AP stories are available. Which is too bad, the disqualification of a candidate by his party should be here.

    Or was there another story?

  • walt moffett

    Ok, there is a story stating Roger’s American Security PAC received a from the owner of Tull Chemical the sole manufacturer of Compound 1080 which Congress has been seeking to ban for a while.

    If the Star’s article has been released to the wire it should get picked up tomorrow or maybe one of the other papers owned by the Anniston Star will run it.

  • walt moffett

    futz, mangled the first URL at the FEC which shows the donation.

  • billy

    amazing that Rogers is playing politics with chemical weapons

  • walt moffett

    billy, guess you never heard of the Anniston Army Depot, the nerve gas school and other merchants of death activities that pump money into the Anniston economy.

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