Mayor Crosses Aisle to Endorse Bright in AL-02

Alabama's 2nd Congressional DistrictRepublican Dothan Mayor Pat Thomas crossed the aisle today to endorse Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright’s Democratic bid for the 2nd Congressional District seat. Thomas is the John McCain campaign’s Mayoral Chair for the state of Alabama, has served on the Republican Executive Committee of Houston County, and says that he has never voted for a Democrat on a national level. Thomas was also a member of the Wiregrass’s “unofficial Congressional Selection Committee” that united early behind the candidacy of Republican state Sen. Harri Anne Smith in an effort to ensure that the next Representative from AL-02 was from the Wiregrass.

Dothan is the largest municipality in the district after Montgomery which itself is divided between the 2nd and 3rd Congressional Districts.

Here is the text of Thomas’ remarks as released by the Bright campaign:

Bobby Bright’s campaign motto is “A Proven Leader”. As Mayor of Montgomery for the last nine years, there has been great positive change. That change was produced by his vision, his hard work, and his willingness to partner with others. He is indeed a proven leader. Those attributes will serve the Wiregrass well when Mayor Bright goes to Washington D.C.

So today, I am endorsing Bobby Bright for the office of U.S. Representative for the 2nd Congressional District.

I have served on the Republic Executive Committee of Houston County. I am the Mayoral Chair for the State of Alabama for the John McCain campaign. I have never voted for a Democrat on a national level.

However, I will support Mayor Bright in his efforts for two major reasons. First, Mayor Bright and I share the same vision for the Wiregrass. Second, having been raised near Ozark, having graduated from Carroll High, having attended college in Enterprise and in Auburn, Mayor Bright is uniquely qualified to represent the citizens of the Wiregrass.

So today, the labels “Democrat” and “Republican” are not so important. Partisan politics are not working well in Washington. Perhaps now is the time to elect moderate candidates from both parties to bring credibility back to Congress, which currently has an approval rating of 13%.

Today, as I endorse Bobby Bright, I also endorse his reasonable stance on Iraq and Afghanistan and his commitment to finish our mission there. I endorse his commitment to Fort Rucker. I endorse his commitment to move Wiregrass transportation projects forward. I endorse his commitment to the farmers in our district. I endorse his commitment to do what is best for Alabama, rather than what is best for the party. And I endorse his commitment to run a positive campaign that will not embarrass those who support him.

Mayor Bright has made these commitments to me. I believe he will keep these commitments and will be a great Congressman for the State of Alabama.

Bright faces GOP state Rep. Jay Love in the November election.

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77 comments to Mayor Crosses Aisle to Endorse Bright in AL-02

  • Anonymous

    Susan in 36 this is from the FAQ section of the ALGOP website:

    “Since this is a Campaign for elections in 2010, what will happen to my money between now and then?

    The Party has opened two high-yield, money market accounts; one is a state account and one a federal account. Your contribution will be deposited into one or both of these accounts and will earn interest until 2010 when it will be used for election efforts only.”

    They are telling us it will be in both federal and state accounts. So if they have raised 4 million where is it?

  • Anonymous

    I’m still wondering if Susan knows it is wrong and “unChristian” to tell lies? Apparently that’s the Jay Love Christian dogma . . .

    She knows very well that Mike Hubbard was involved in the following GOP contested primaries: Love in CD2: Twinkle in PSC; Mary Windom; and Beth Kellum.
    You can check out the FCPA reeports for everyone but Love, and for Hubbard’s onvious and enormous involvement in that race you can ask about the manuevering at the State of the State, the arrangements with Bob Riley’s staff, and the many phone conferences and the involvement with party people from washington to Montgomery on Love. The involvement was real by Hubbard – it was indisputable – and it was wrong.

    There is zero doubt he was involved improperly in those races. None. Nada.

  • Anonymous

    yes, 51, there is doubt. you have no proof, because there is none. you are wrong, mike was not involved in the cd2 primary. but i’m sure that has never gotten in the way of your fabricated stories. the same tired game that folks like you try to play on blogs, say it over and over and hope that by doing so it will come true. find a new tune, take a vacation, do something to clear your head.

  • Anonymous

    #52 – why was Jay Love sitting in Mike Hubbard’s seat (directly behind the governor and in every TV shot) at the state of the state address?

    And why was the sweetheart bill that Mike assigned to Jay included in the call for the special session when it was not vital?

    Why did Mike Hubbard cut a deal with the Democrats as the regular session was ending to – as he said himself – “Pass some of Jay’s bills to help him in the primary”?

    No proof . . .yeah right . . . people know; it’s becoming common knowledge . . .you can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

  • Anonymous

    comment 35 you haven’t a clue. Everett’s brother is a yellow dog democrat…. Terry Everett on the other hand is a Republican and has endorsed Jay Love.

  • Anonymous

    The NYpost article is the Love camp’s pathetic effort to CHASE Bright in the national media just like they are CHASING Bright in the polls. Congrats, you’re a day late.


  • Anonymous

    no one was begging on behalf of love for the post article, nor did love do the beggging – little different than the WSJ article on bright.

  • LD

    November 4th prediction: Love 60% Bright 40%

  • Anonymous

    it will not be 60 40 in my view but it may be 55 45 in love’s favor.

  • Anonymous

    58- correct me or better yet lie to me- but after the WSJ article about Bright, the Love camp did more than a little groveling for the opportunity to respond to the article and demanded equal coverage.

    FACT: The Love camp has been striving for national press since Bright’s WSJ article

    NOT FACT: The NY Post picked Love out of the clear blue sky to include his race in an article about Rangel.

    FACT: Groveling works.

  • Anonymous

    61, i think if the love camp had gone after the coverage then they would have had a little more input into the outcome, doesn’t appear that they did since they have no quotes

  • Anonymous

    The focus of the article was Rangle. Love did not grovel to get media attention, it came to him, as it did everyone accepting money from Rangel.

    Oh yeah…Jay is up by 6 points in the latest poll and on the rise.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right they quoted Philip Bryan, the state party spokesman who is helping coordinate the party and Love attack message by lamely tying Bright to Pelosi, Rangel and Obama. He would be included in the begging effort.

    As for the poll-what poll?

    Are you trumpeting a poll showing Love up only 6 points in a district any Republican standing upright should be winning by at least 15 points? That’s certainly nothing to brag about fellas.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see this poll

  • Anonymous

    bright’s camp sure doesn’t think much of the voters in cd2, they are evidently “not smart enough” to know who charlie rangel is, at least according to what they said in that post article

  • Anonymous

    Bright is a con artist. He wants to play this “i’m not partisan…i’m so conservative…they can give me all this money (trial lawyers, liberal members of congress and howard dean’s dnc) yet I can do whatever I want because they are buying into my ideas” yeah – and I have some ocean front property in arizona to sale you Bobby. and this whole “i pledge to run a positive campaign” yet when quizzed about the dnc’s plan to spend 600,000 to attack Jay Love, Bright just smiles and says he has nothing to do with that. Now we see in the New York Post what the whole scam is…they think the voters in CD 02 are too dumb to realize who the folks behind the scenes financially and otherwise are. Everyone should read that article but most importantly review the FEC reports and see where Bright is getting his money. Then compare that to where Love is getting his for this Congressional race.

  • Anonymous

    67- dingleberry- you’ve posted this on multiple threads. spell check can’t perform miracles with the incompetent. it’s “sell” ocean front property.

  • Anonymous

    Did someone say cd-2 voters were not smart enough to know who Rangel is? Surely not. It must be the Loveites at it again grasping at straws.

    What’s more insulting, expecting voters to fall in line and pull the lever for someone who screams they’re a Christian Conservative at the top of his lungs [to the point where I wonder if Love thinks he's the second coming of Christ].


    Expecting that voters care more about the issues and have larger concerns right now [paying for gas, keeping up with mortgage payments] than following the actions of a Senator from the state of New York?

    Do the math dimwits.

  • Anonymous

    69, i agree with you on paying for gas for sure, but i’m fairly sure that’s not an argument that any democrat like bobby wants to get into right now…dems aren’t exactly in line with the majority of americans when it comes to who is holding up that process. oh, but bobby’s not a democrat, nevermind.

  • Anonymous

    oh, and yes, someone said that cd2 voters were not smart enough, and that was your boy mowrey. he screwed up, forgot that this is a big boy game. bright may have been better off sending out that same ronald reagan quote.

  • Anonymous

    Bright is becoming a weaker candidate as we speak. Jay’s Poll numbers are on the rise and by the end of August, I expect him to be 10 to 15 points ahead of Bright.

  • Anonymous

    You’re whistlin in the graveyard if you think Bright’s getting weaker- keep telling yourselves what you need to in order to full fill your commitment to Love’s campaign through November 4.

  • Anonymous

    Danny, i think you need to alter the “rules on commenting” to include folks like #69, something like:

    if you have consumed more than 4 cocktails, please put the keyboard down. you make no sense.

  • Anonymous

    Jay Love=Messiah

  • Anonymous

    Praise be to Jay!

    In Jay we trust!

    Jay Saves!

  • SBMJ


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