King’s Overcompensation

Many readers already made the connection from our Daily Headlines on Sunday… A salary in the AG’s office that was not commensurate with experience/training is partly what undergirded the recent rumors related to our state’s Attorney General, and the Birmingham News had the story on Sunday – though not in the context of said rumors. The reality as reported in the News was not as outlandish as what I heard in most versions of the story (e.g., “six figures!”).

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17 comments to King’s Overcompensation

  • Anonymous

    The News had an editorial on this today, and I can tell you that their invetsigation is ongoing due to some info I had from a state agency. There is more coming on this and the origional rumors are driving it.

    Make no mistake – the names mentioned in the article weren’t pulled out of a hat. There were reasons the News requested their personnel records.

    All of the people who insisted there was nothing to this (“no proof”) – well the proof is beginning to flow and what has come out so far is likely only the tip of the iceberg.

    is Troy finished? I’d guess yes.

  • Truthsleuth

    This is how journalism is supposed to be done. Someone needs to tell Glynn Wilson this. You don’t just put a rumor up without a source and call it a day. You FOLLOW THE MONEY. The News is sniffing this story out by showing the high pay of workers who are inadequately qualified for such pay and positions. The question of “why” is left hanging for future articles and/or for the public’s speculation.

    Troy King weathered the rumor storm just fine. He won’t do so well justifying the pay and abilities of his staff. The more they dig, the more nervous he will get on the rumor side. I think it is a brilliant stroke rooted in fundamental journalism and not unsubstantiated rumor-blogging.

  • Anonymous

    The rumor strom isn’t over. Troy has an entire hurricane season coming and it is only July.

  • Old Prosecutor

    I do believe the sharks (MSM) are circling and smell blood in the water

  • walt moffett

    Lets hope we are spared the usual spectacle of the ashen faced wife and scared children, if and when the storm breaks.

  • Anonymous

    Troy’s overcompensation? I thought this article was going to be about how Troy-Boy uses Fascist conservatism to overcompensate for his perverse and abominable ways. Maybe in the next post?

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t Susan be on here telling us how there is “no evidence” of anything – that’s why the News didn’t publish? Oh wait they did . . .never mind . . . .

  • anomynous

    Pore old Susan. I am sure she thought Larry Craig
    was trying to helkp the guy in the next stall get on his feet. I guess Nancy Pelosi had something to do with Troy giving his aide aid. That Nancy, she sure does get around…….. At least she does sleep with a man.

  • anomynous

    Pore old Susan. I am sure she thought Larry Craig
    was trying to help the guy in the next stall get on his feet. I guess Nancy Pelosi had something to do with Troy giving his aide aid. That Nancy, she sure does get around…….. At least she does sleep with a man.

  • Susan Fillippeli

    The Birmingham News story did not, in fact, confirm a single one of the rumors that were so rampant a few weeks ago. It addressed a personnel issue for which facts could be corroborated. It does not address any rumors about anyone’s personal life, marital status or sexual orientation. In the absence of those rumors it is a mildly interesting story, nothing more.
    It’s actually pretty weak considering all the boasting that was going on around here a few weeks ago.

  • Nixon

    I really wish someone with brains in Hubbard’s inner circle would put a muzzle on Fillipeli.

    She does more harm than good.

  • Antisthenes

    I can only imagine how the individuals who had their employment offers from the attorney general rescinded due to budgetary constraints feel after reading this story. To be told the week you graduate from law school, and after you have declined offers from law firms, that the job you were offered does not exist due to a lack of funds, then to find out that non-attorneys are receiving such drastic pay increases must be infuriating.

  • JD Crowe, editorial cartoonist for the Press Register, will be lampooning Troy again in tomorrow’s edition.

    I love JD!!

  • Here cometh the good stuff, the next story is why King’s homecoming king (and now high priced assistant) was involved in “special” parties at Turner Field and more on who was solicited to pay for it. Who cares about breaking the sodomy laws, this is about breaking the ethics law. Don’t forget about the gay murder-suicide triangle involving the Florida political consultants–that, you guessed it, worked for Troy’s campaign. You can google the murder/suicide story and read more. They were part of this “special” party at Turner Field payed for by people the Attorney General is supposed to keep an eye on.

  • Anonymous

    At #10 – oh come on Susan! You saw who the story focused on – the same recent intern who is now Troy’s right hand man (no pun intended). And that is the guy the Troy rumors center on. There was more innuendo in that story than any I’ve read in a while. And you know as well as anyone more is coming on this – this is just the first story.

    That was really a very disingenuous post Susan.

  • Anonymous

    From “Lagniappe Mobile” published yesterday (July 29):

    “Troy King continued

    The rampant rumors that have flooded the Internet about Attorney General Troy King continue to slowly make their way into the mainstream media. On July 18, Paul Finebaum called King’s office while broadcasting on his statewide radio program to try to get to the bottom of the claims being made that King was caught in a compromising position with a male staffer.

    King refused to talk with Finebaum and refused comment. Now it seems WVTM from Anniston caught up with King at an event and asked him about the rumors. King refused comment.

    I hear more is coming on the subject as other media outlets work the story.”

    Notice the ominous line about “more is coming” from “other media outlets?”

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