Right Leads with a Bishop

Charles BishopState Sen. Charles Bishop (R – Arley) has led with a right, but last week the far right led with him when the Council of Conservative Citizens had him as a keynote speaker at its Leadership Conference in Sheffield.

The CCC is out there far enough that in 1999, “the chairman of the Republican National Committee called on his fellow party members today to resign from the Council of Conservative Citizens, saying ‘it appears that this group does hold racist views.’” He was being politic; the organization is regularly described as a white supremacist group (for example, here, here, and here).

You may remember the controversy that arose when Republicans Trent Lott (then in the U.S. Senate) and Bob Barr (then in the U.S. House) spoke before the CCC some years ago; they both quickly distanced themselves from the group. (Barr later released a letter he wrote to the group saying, “I find your views on racial issues repugnant,” and “If I had been aware white supremacist views occupied any place in the Council’s philosophy, I would never have agreed to speak.”) Closer to home, Judge Terri Willingham solicited votes before the group in 2006 and then said she had never heard of it. (She went on to win election to the the Court of Civil Appeals, Place 3.)

Most politicians prefer to avoid the controversy and stay away from the CCC’s welcome mat. Is there any other elected state official that would accept such an invitation? And does Bishop endorse their views?

Read one account of the event here. The CCC website has video here.

Hat tip to Daily Dixie and Parlor reader Pecan Jim.

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9 comments to Right Leads with a Bishop

  • JD

    Just a white version of the New South Coalition

  • bhmhomeboy

    How so JD?

  • Bridget

    what an ignorant statement.

  • [...] Doc’s Political Parlor: Right Leads with a Bishop [...]

  • Pecan Jim

    Remember Karl Rove’s first principle of propaganda. Accuse the other side of what we do. If we appeal to racism, we call the blacks and Democrats racist first. loudest, and most often. JD and Senator Bishop are just doing what Rove tells them to do. Go to the CCC web site and read their Principles, it is clearly racist in the worst sense of the word.

  • Pecan Jim has it right. Considering that the New South Coalition has gone so far as to elect whites to sit on its Board of Directors (including at one time yours truly), JD and company have to resort to volume instead of reality to make people ignore their own racist behaviors (e.g. CCC’s opposition to interracial marriage) and think badly of their opponents. It truly is sad that such repugnant behavior is tolerated by the Alabama GOP in its leaders.

  • Helen

    More than tolerated, Pecan Jim. Just last November they threw a lot of support to Terri Willingham’s cousin, Wayne, who was elected mayor of West Point on the Southern Party ticket.

    Republican Party Officials opposed restoration of voting rights for convicted felons who’d ‘done their time’, not on constitutional grounds, but because most of the people regaining rights would vote Democratic.

    Bishop’s Senate office staff is also infected. Last year the secretary looked an 11-year-old’s name tag (Hispanic) and asked sneeringly, “what kind of a name is that?”

  • Anon E. Mouse

    Why is it only when a white man speaks to white people that furor erupts? What about the black legislative caucus, what about the alabama holohoax commission, what about the naacp, etc., each of which is a very racist, anti-white, anti-American organization.

  • Helen

    Hey, “Mouse,”

    Can you write that with a straight face so soon after a Chicago preacher incurred all sorts of wrath? Also the NAACP welcomes people of all skin tones at the same time it supports the constitutional rights of everyone. That’s very pro-American

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