WHNT Black Eye for Blackout

CBS Eye logoMedia outlets outside Alabama are noting the black eye that WHNT-TV in Huntsville gave itself when it did not show the majority of the 60 Minutes segment on Don Siegelman in its regular Sunday night time slot. The New York Times (here and here, and first here on its blog The Lede), Reuters, and Associated Press are among those who have taken notice.

The state Democratic Party is not only calling for a special prosecutor for the allegations of political prosecution of Don Siegelman, but state party chair Joe Turnham is also calling for an FCC inquiry into the Sunday evening blackout.

Lee Roop in the Huntsville Times:

Why do people believe conspiracy stories? We know. Conservatives don’t trust the “liberal drive-by media” and liberals don’t trust the “Republican spin machine.” No one trusts big media owners, and not many trust the Justice Department.

People also like to believe things don’t just happen. In a weird way, they’d rather believe evil forces control the agenda than believe machines just fail at the worst possible time.

WHNT aired the full report Sunday evening during its 10 o’clock news and again during the Monday night 6 o’clock news. The segment may also be viewed online.

No doubt that the 60 Minutes segment has gotten more attention than it would have had WHNT aired it in its normal time.

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7 comments to WHNT Black Eye for Blackout

  • walt moffett

    Wonder what the response would have been if had been a station owned by say the Ayers family?

  • Seems the Democrats are on a roll of deception. Anything to further the party goal, to hades with the facts.
    Garry Morgan

  • bhmhomeboy

    FACT: Former Governor Don Siegelman is serving a 7 year prison sentence in Oakdale, LA. and not because of a “roll of deception” by Democrats to “further the party goal” (whatever that means).

  • JD

    A Special Prosecutor to investigate other kickbacks the Don was recieving, also to look into the Bond scandal. That would be Bill Blount, Little Jim, Larry Langford and who else.

  • bhmhomeboy

    H/T to Danny,
    Love the headline and the graphic. Not only is it a “Blackeye” for CBS, it’s a “Blackeye” for the state of Alabama. Kind of reminds me of the old days of George C. Wallace standing in the school house door, or of Bull Conner turning the hoses and the dogs on the children in Kelly Ingram Park, or Bloody Sunday, or the Scottsboro Boys.

  • Dwayne

    Alabama politics has traditionally been a little hard edged and gritty, not a place for the faint at heart. However, the Republican Party has taken it to new lows in it’s quest to vanquish the Democratic Party and leave the State as the property of special interest groups.

  • xinunus

    Did you know that WHNT-TV19 was less than a year ago owned by The NEW YORK TIMES? The company that owns the station now bought it from the NYT’s. Do you not find it ironic that the NYT’s is doing a hit piece on a station it owned less than a year ago? Would they have done this piece on this station if it still owned it? I doubt it very seriously. Also did you know that the general manager of WHNT-TV19, Stan Pylant, is a registered Democrat and he became the station manager less than 3 months ago? These stories about a conspiracy are a bunch of none-sense. This is just another reason to waste tax payer dollars. Do we not have better things to spend our hard earned money on in this country?

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