Bright Campaign Likes Obama as Nominee

Alabama's 2nd Congressional DistrictYesterday Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright publicly confirmed the stories broken here and here in the Parlor about his plan to run as a Democrat for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District seat.

In an article this morning titled “Congressional hopefuls ride the Obama wave,” Politico suggests that some Democrats in conservative districts (like Bright) won’t run as far as usual from the party’s presidential nominee as they sometimes do – if that nominee is Obama.

Obama was one of the reasons behind [Bobby Bright's] decision to run. The district, centered in Montgomery, has a 29 percent black population and overwhelmingly voted for Obama in Alabama’s presidential primary.

Those results proved encouraging to Bright, who needs high turnout from African-American voters to prevail in the heavily Republican district.

Bright’s campaign recently released a polling memo suggesting that a huge show of support from the African-American community could “add 3 to 5 points” to his margins against leading Republican opponents.

Not sure if they should have said the district was “centered in Montgomery,” though they might could have gotten away with “anchored in Montgomery.”

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12 comments to Bright Campaign Likes Obama as Nominee

  • JT

    Danny – I am sorry but are you not paying attention to what Bright said yesterday. Do you really think he was singing from the Obama song book. Pro gun, Pro life, Pro military, tough stand on immigrants, etc. He sounded more like a Republican than some of the Republican nominees and you hint that he will not run from the platform of the national democratic party? That’s a laugh. He will run as conservative as possible. But one thiing is correct, he counts on all the straight ticket democrat votes he can get and Obama may help that. But only helping by a few points…he will need more than that. Wake up and listen to Bright’s comments and then tell me if he is not running away from the political positions of Obama.

  • Unlike recent Democratic nominees, Obama is actually organizing on the ground. As in, training precinct captains and volunteers for GoTV. I don’t remember when that last happened in Alabama. Bright doesn’t have to embrace all Obama’s specific policies, but if he adopts the “we can change Washington” attitude he can piggyback on the Obama team’s GoTV. He’d be crazy to run away from the hope message and the new voters who like it. Repubs and Indies, too.

  • walt moffett

    Always entertaining to read out of towners trying to explain local politics and geography.

  • JD

    Change will be Bright’s Slogan. He changed Montgomery as Mayor. It used to be safe to go out after dark, now do so at the risk of your life.

  • daleD

    Bright is running as if he has never lived in Montgomery. He wants us to all think he just came out of the woods in Dale County and the good ole country boy is a runnin’ for congress.

  • JT, your point is well taken. Bright will no doubt be one of the more conservative Democrats running anywhere this fall. Most presidential candidates have aspects that local candidates embrace and that local candidates run away from. I have little doubt that Bright prefers Obama as a candidate over Clinton.

  • SamfordDem

    daleD, that was pretty funny because it’s true. You can’t fault him, though. He’s got real wiregrass connections and he’s smart to play those up. You can do a lot worse than “Country Boy Made Good” as a campaign narrative, especially if there some truth to it.

  • Wiregrassvoter

    I’m a Republican and I admit that Bright is a good candidate.

  • DavidT

    He is the best candidate they (democrats) can find but he will find it a hard going in AL 02 as a democrat. He will spend a lot of money and energy – and very likely lose. Al 02 is solidly republican and we all know it – Bright does too.

  • JD

    AL-02 is a district that Luther Strance carried in his race against Little Jim Folsom. Doesn’t sound like a very pro Democrat district

  • Justme

    Bright wanted to run as a Republican but he was not welcomed with open arms…we all know it. He is running as a Democrat because he can coast to the nomination and Artur Davis has promised him the world. I doubt the Democrat National Committee will see this race as worth all the money Davis thinks they should invest.

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