Bama U.S. Attorney Investigated for Perjury

Alice MartinAlice Martin, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, is under investigation for perjury according to documentation obtained by the Political Parlor.

The Office of Professional Responsibility for the Department of Justice is investigating whether Martin committed perjury in a deposition related to an EEOC complaint against Martin’s office. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ultimately ordered Martin to rehire a fired assistant prosecutor and her supervisor, concluding that Martin’s office fired the assistant prosecutor as retaliation for filing a racial discrimination complaint. The EEOC found Martin’s explanation of the matter “simply unworthy of credence.”

The fired assistant prosecutor, Deirdra Brown Fleming, raised the allegations of perjury in Martin’s 2003 deposition. The DoJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility declined to investigate the perjury allegation at the time because the EEOC matter was ongoing.

After the EEOC matter was decided in favor of Fleming and against Alice Martin’s office, the Office of Professional Responsibility re-visited the matter and decided to initiate an inquiry into the perjury allegations, as indicated in this letter (pdf).

A spokesperson for Alice Martin’s office would not comment and referred me to the DoJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility, saying that it would be inappropriate to comment on what is actually an OPR matter.

Nadira Clarke, who signed the letter (pdf) saying that OPR was initiating an investigation, said that OPR would not comment on an ongoing investigation.

6 comments to Bama U.S. Attorney Investigated for Perjury

  • Dan

    I’ve never liked her.

  • Bill T

    She blew the Scrushy and Siegelman cases and now Perjury? Why wasn’t she fired? Oh, that’s right…..prosecute the right people/keep your job. It’s the Bush – Rove Mantra.

  • [...] The perjury investigation of Alice Martin, the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, by the DoJ Office of Professional Responsibility is a story first broken here at the Political Parlor. This weekend it got a look from Scott Horton at Harper’s Magazine. [...]

  • D. Battan

    I am confused by this. When I filed charges against my private sector employer and they committed perjury under oath in the EEOC investigation the EEOC stated to me that it did not have the authority or the power to investigate or prosecute witnesses for committing perjury under oath.
    Can someone who knows the facts please tell if if it is true that the EEOC does not have any authority or power to investigate and prosecute hostile witnesses for committing perjury under oath?

    MY case has been closed based on no merit because a witnesses has committed perjury and obstruct justice and now I cannot do anything about it.
    What is the point of conducting an investigation if the EEOC allows witnesses to lie and commit perjury?
    I just can’t believe that Congress failed to authorize the EEOC to investigate and prosecute witnesses in its investigations?

  • [...] to an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint against Martin’s office, according to the Political Parlor [...]

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