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  • Thank you, Thunder3325. Noted.

  • Doc,

    Can you comment on where you’ve heard the rumors that Wayne Parker is going to run for AL-5?

  • Jack

    Kelli Wise’s web site is judgekelliwise.com

  • waltm

    Jack, thank you for the Wise url, list updated

  • Concerned

    I see Sharon Yates on State Court Race, as I had mentioned months ago. Does anyone know when Rochester and Roger Monroe are going to officially enter aftr a yr of contributions Ms Yates must have decided to take the high road by her standards, voters and citiens are excluded by multi million dollar affairs in Alabama Judicial Electons. Dcuments in every archives nationwide, I work 48 states and have failed to find a person in political activation that didnt know AL ratings.

  • 2010

    who are these nut jobs running against jo bonner in the GOP primary? Jo is probably the best Rep. the state of Alabama has in DC.

  • Professor Tom from Oct 16, I’m sorry that I overlooked your comment until now. I heard from a Republican elected official who had heard from a few folks that Wayne Parker was considering running.

    I don’t know if that is still true, assuming that it once was. :)

    Again, my apologies for the delay!

  • Libby

    Please when is Sue Bell up for election..I can not wait to vote against her…

    all she wants to do is let criminals out of jail,,… with her social programs

  • Reactionary

    Susan Fillipelli (R) and Reactionary (R) have both announced for CD8.

    CD9, CD12, and CD19 are still open.


  • wolfeman

    Is anyone going to step up and run against Richard Shelby?

  • jaime

    I am looking at the CD5 list and it is almost hilarious. Most of those names have absolutely NO intention of running OR shouldn’t run. All it takes is a simple phone call to ask.

  • Jaime, as we typically do, the bar for being included as a rumored candidate is set fairly low. If you have concrete information on who should or should not be included, I am glad to hear it. Thanks!

  • Terry

    It looks as if the “Draft Ron Sparks for Congress” Facebook Page has started. Interesting.

  • bamarammer

    @2010 “2010
    October 20th, 2009 at 5:08 pm
    who are these nut jobs running against jo bonner in the GOP primary? Jo is probably the best Rep. the state of Alabama has in DC”

    Is this the same Jo Bonner who voted for the patriot act and homeland security? The same Jo Bonner who has NEVER INTRODUCED a single bill in congress?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZcU9_1jsas

    Video Link to Rick Barber’s announcement to run for AL CD-2.

    Look out world!

  • Pardon, I should have said look out Bobby, your days are numbered.

  • When are the elections for the State Board of Education?

  • Socialism only works in two places: Heaven where they don’t need it and hell where they already have it. -Ronald Reagan

  • Do we really need more laws?

  • waltm

    Professor Tom, 2012.

    Rob John, try your question in the Daily News Digest area, especially after a link “Sen Foo proposes law to regulate finklation of the vorlon menace” or some such. Probably get a better response.

  • JD

    ST BOE Seats 2, 4 6 & 8 are up this cycle

  • politicalhack

    Longtime Huntsville Attorney Dan Aldridge considering bid to run for Congress 5th District as a Democrat. Expect Aldridge to raise a least $150,000 in the next month if he runs. Announcement will come next week if he runs.

  • A response to Bobby Bright’s recent email to constituents http://www.politicalparlor.net/doc/2010-big-list/

  • politicalhack

    Dan Aldridge is out. Taze Shepard to announce formally at press conference Wed. He is the real deal. A conservative democrat along the lines of his grandfather, bob jones, ronnie flippo and bud cramer

  • James Burton

    Taze Shepard’s site for 5th Congressional District: http://www.shepardforcongress.com/

  • waltm

    Thanks, He might want to have some one look at his web site’s coding. For some reason, the firefox title bar and tab show “CompanyName.com – Super Slogan”

  • Kate

    It’s time to vote ALL incumbents OUT. By the time they’ve been in the ALA legislature and some of these other jobs for any amount of time, they are already corrupt. I can’t believe some of the comments here like “how can that no-name ‘dare’ run against Bonner”.

    For instance, we’ve had NO ACTION WHATSOEVER on passing E-Verify and other legislation to get rid of the thousands of illegals in this state taking all the construction jobs (and specifically in Huntsville and Birmingham). They are working on every street, while Alabamians who WERE working those jobs now reside at the MISSION (I’ve hired these people).

    Free public school @ $15K per child, food stamps, HUD housing, medicaid, free hospitalization, prison costs for the 30% illegals, FREE LEGAL DEFENSE while they rape children, rob, murder 9,000 Americans per yr. TAXPAYERS must build more schools and prisons, hire more teachers and policemen, hire more court personnel. Our courts, highways, schools, and hospital waiting rooms are crowded with them. WE ARE FED UP! STOP THIS OUTRAGE!

    The Ala legislature is catering to BIG BUSINESS and CORPORATIONS, while Ala has a jobless rate over 12%, Ala Building Contractors are hiring ILLEGALS while LEGAL CITIZEN construction workers have lost their jobs, their homes, and their children are “starving”. Many can’t get “assistance” because their homes aren’t foreclosed yet. I am SICK of this “elitism” by the Ala legislature.

    I will NOT vote for even ONE INCUMBENT, or “former” incumbent.

    These same old people on the ballot will do exactly what they’ve always done…..nothing!

    Those incumbents at the Public Service Commission need to be voted out.
    Please, let’s have more challengers!

  • Kate


    This 2004 video shows Rep Artur Davis and 5 other Democrats vociferously “refuting” reports showing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in trouble, and praising Raines’ management and huge bonuses. Five years later TAXPAYERS have had to bail Fannie and Freddie out by TRILLIONS…about 3 times now. Mr. Davis should NOT be elected to ANY SEAT, much less Governor!. He has no idea what fiscal responsibility “is”!

    1. Rep Artur Davis, AL,
    2. Rep Gregory Meeks, NY
    3. Rep Lacy Clay, MO
    4. Rep Maxine Waters, CA,
    5. Barney Frank, MA,
    6. President Clinton

  • Kate,

    Illegal immigrants murder 9,000 Americans per year?? Really now? Would you provide a link for that please?

    Thank you very much.


  • Kate



    The Dark Side Of Illegal Immigration
    Facts, Figures And Statistics On Illegal Immigration

    Please read these criminal facts thoroughly. Most of it is NOT reported. Many times the names of the perpetrator(s) are left out of the media.

    JUST KEEP HIRING THESE ILLEGALS! BUT PLEASE KNOW THAT “YOU” ARE COSTING TAXPAYERS $385 BILLION PER YR TO SUBSIDIZE “YOUR” BUSINESS (public schools for their children, medicaid, food stamps HUD housing, SSI payment from social security (YES, “YOUR” social security that is going broke), free hospitalization, free LEGAL DEFENSE FOR ALL THESE MURDERS, RAPES, GANGS, KIDNAPPINGS, DUIs, WIFE BEATING), PRISON.

    Your taxes feed, house, provide medical care, and a monthly SSI check for ILLEGALS, while American citizens you’ve FIRED go jobless, houseless, and hungry!
    They are robbing YOUR social security fund, and pay not one penny of federal taxes since most are paid under the table. THEY make a better living that YOU.

    The crimes, rapes, and deaths of American citizens would NOT be occurring if YOU were not offering them jobs.

  • Kate

    According to this report, the rapes perpetrated by illlgals number over 1 million, including a large number of children who are subsequently murdered,.


  • Kate,

    A well-reasoned argument with solid sourcing always helps make a case. I do appreciate you providing a link.

    However, I see nothing on the page whose link you provided so very enthusiastically (“YES, REALLY! HERE IS YOUR LINK!”) that indicates people who are in the country illegally “murder 9,000 Americans per yr.” as you claimed. Nothing.

    Is it on another page on the site? Am I supposed to hunt down your statistic for you?

    The only thing I could find was not on the page you linked, but on this page instead (from the same site), where it quoted “between 1,806 and 2,510 people in the U.S. are murdered annually by illegal aliens.” Though that itself was thinly sourced, it was a far cry from your statement that 9000 Americans are murdered each year by people here illegally – a statement for which you still have not provided a source.

    There are many reasons I am very doubtful of that extraordinary claim you make (for one, you would be saying that over half of all murders in the United States are of Americans by people here illegally, here’s one list of murders per year citing the FBI as a source). Even the site you link to for me suggests that the # may be one-fourth of what you say. I would still be glad to learn you can back up the claim with something credible.

    I appreciate your zeal for this topic. Credible numbers and solid sourcing will help your case, while incredible numbers have the opposite effect. (I don’t care to go clicking around to try to help you make your point, but if you have a link that takes me straight to the right page, I’m glad to see it!)

    Let’s see if we can somehow bring this back around to the topic of the thread… who’s running for what in 2010?

  • Mark

    Isn’t anyone going to challenge Aderholt? We should not elect anyone who’s been in office before…..we need fresh faces from OUTSIDE the same old system.

    The state legislature has failed to remove taxes on food and pharmaceuticals, failed on illegal immigration and E-verify, and failed on virtually anything of REAL importance to the lives of people in this state.

  • Susan

    Stephanie Bell’s congressional web site is http://stephaniebellforcongress.com/

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